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Kaiser Chiefs + (RED)

Posted on July 2, 2007 Under Design

Brit rockers Kaiser Chiefs are next up in the series of All Star collabs for the (RED) campaign, and if you can hold out for two more weeks you should be able to get your feet into a set of…

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Chucks + Ramones + (RED)

Posted on April 7, 2007 Under Fashion

I know I haven't been the nicest person to the (RED) campaign lately, but when you boil it all down, I do appreciate the gesture behind (RED), and lets face it-- it has paved the way for some pretty great…

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(LESS) vs. (RED) Update

Posted on March 5, 2007 Under Life

A week or so ago, I wrote about the (LESS) campaign-- a 'buy less crap' response to the well-intentioned but mostly ineffective (RED) campaign to which the likes of Bono, Oprah, the Gap and Apple have subscribed. I want to…

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Lupe Fiasco x Converse Chuck Taylor Low

Posted on October 16, 2008 Under Fashion

The Anakin Skywalker of hip-hop, Lupe Fiasco has remained steadfast in his position as one of the most mature artists in the game. Rather than signing on the dotted line for every endorsement that comes along (excuse him for the…

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Dr. Romanelli Converse

Posted on March 28, 2008 Under Fashion

L.A. designer Dr. Romanelli hasn't been to an "accredited medical university," but Chuck Taylor has decided to let the good doctor operate on a pair of limited edition Converse. The sneaker giant has teamed up with Bono's African AIDS charity…

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(Auction) Red

Posted on January 22, 2008 Under Art

Despite our past mixed feelings on the success of the (red) campaign, we've remained supportive of its effect on the proliferation awesome artistic collaborations and solo efforts as a means of raising money for a good cause. This time around…

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Logan Real Does Good

Posted on April 23, 2007 Under Fashion

It's always refreshing to see artists using their talents for the greater good, and in Logan Real's case, he's leaving his subtle yet distinctive mark on his custom shoes in support of the global fight against HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis.…

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(LESS) Campaign: Donate Without Consuming

Posted on February 27, 2007 Under Life

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate how big corporations like Gap are turing sales into helpful donations to great causes through the (RED) campaign; I think (RED) has been successful from a wide-spread outreach standpoint. But I also really appreciate…

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Freeline Skates: Our Red

Posted on November 21, 2006 Under Design

Our pals at Freeline Skates are up to good this holiday season, recently joining the Product(Red) campaign. (If you're unfamiliar with these skates check out our last post). They're dedicating $15 per package of "Our Red" version Freeline Skates towards…

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