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Omega Code

While some bands are well connected enough in the music biz to get producers like the Neptunes or Rick Rubin… Read More >>


I spent most of this weekend listening to uber-designers like Josh Davis and master guru Erik Natzke at OFFF. Suffice… Read More >>

60, Unite for Children

To commemorate its 60-year anniversary of fighting for children’s rights, UNICEF used its exceptional talent in organizing people for a… Read More >>


Okay, now that I have secured my ticket, I guess I can let the cat out of the bag. You… Read More >>

Ask Joshua Davis

We generally keep our SpearTalks participants under wraps until the day the interview is actually published, but we’re so stoked… Read More >>

Mazda and Quiksilver

Earlier this week we saw a pretty solid artist/car collaboration between Joshua Davis and BMW. Now, the designers of Quiksilver… Read More >>