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My pals of DNA11 fame have broadened their horizons a little bit, and this is their latest startup. They’re letting… Read More >>

DNA House

DNA 11, the creative company known for transforming your personal DNA into custom works of contemporary art, has set up… Read More >>

GenePak x DNA 11

Sure, your genetic code makes up the building blocks of who you are, why you’re balding, were never good at… Read More >>

DNA11 KISS Portraits

Our Friends at DNA11, who have made their name creating custom portraits from DNA and fingerprints, recently paired with MAC… Read More >>

DNA 11 on CSI NY

Flipping through the channels last night I got hooked into an episode of CSI New York– which I’ve been known… Read More >>

DNA11: FingerPrint Art

Our friends over at DNA11 continue to live their mantra “From Life Comes Art” with their latest product: Fingerprint Portraits.… Read More >>