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Jonathan Harris: Sputnik Observatory

Posted on June 30, 2009 Under Art

Site favorite and JS friend Jonathan Harris just launched his latest project entitled The Sputnik Observatory. It's the result of a two-year collaboration with NYC based Sputnik, Inc, an organization that documents contemporary culture through intimate video interviews with hundreds…

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The Whale Hunt Launches: Jonathan Harris

Posted on December 10, 2007 Under Life

Back in October, I raved about Whale Hunt, the latest project from Jonathan Harris, friend and JS regular. Finally, the project is online and is a must see for anyone interested in the art of story telling. If you missed…

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Jonathan Harris at Pop!Tech: The Whale Hunt

Posted on October 19, 2007 Under Art

The highlight of today's first session entitled "The Pursuit of Happiness" was seeing friend, regular and sure-fire genius Jonathan Harris present one of his latest projects entitled The Whale Hunt. Whale Hunt tells his story of visiting the Northern…

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Jonathan Harris Universe Video

Posted on March 18, 2007 Under Design

Last week I wrote about Jonathan Harris' amazing new project entitled Universe-- I saw him give a passionate and amazing talk at TED earlier this month. The guys at Cool Hunting have a nice video (available above in HD) where…

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Universe: Jonathan Harris

Posted on March 13, 2007 Under Design

One of my favorite talks last week was by Jonathan Harris, an artist, designer, and borderline genius living in Brooklyn, NY. We saw the potential of his work a while back with project We Feel Fine and I guess it…

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Posted on December 8, 2011 Under Life

My friend Jonathan Harris never ceases to amaze me. He's one of the most thoughtful and talented people in the world. His latest project Cowbird has an audacious goal- in his word, to become the public library of human experience,…

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Storytelling in The Internet Age

Posted on August 23, 2011 Under Art

If you like stories, go vote for this wonderful SXSW panel featuring many incredible people.  It will no doubt be a highlight of the week It's organized by Rudy Adler of 1000memories featuring Aaron Rose, Jonathan Harris (go Jonathan go!),…

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The Quantum Parallelograph

Posted on June 1, 2011 Under Life

This is frighteningly bizarre and terribly awesome. Reminds me of something Jonathan Harris would do. The Quantum Parallelograph is an exploratory public engagement project examining the scientific and philosophical ideas surrounding the theory of quantum physics and multiple universes. The…

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Inner Landscapes

Posted on September 19, 2010 Under Art

My friend Jonathan Harris has his first solo art show at the Firehouse Gallery, in Burlington Vermont. Not the most convenient place in the world, but I think it will be worth the trip. I'm definitely going to try to…

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We Feel Fine: The Book

Posted on November 11, 2009 Under Books

Over the years I've had the pleasure of getting to know and becoming friends with Jonathan Harris through all sorts of different avenues, projects he has done, and more recently the times we've found ourselves in the desert in Jordan…

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