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Marc Newson x LIVESTRONG Art Exhibition

Posted on July 15, 2009 Under Art

Hypebeast has the scoop on some new LIVESTRONG goodies. In addition to the Marc Newson special edition designed Zvezdochka, you get guide maps to the city of Paris, a LIVESTRONG band and an invite to the STAGES art event which…

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The Livestrong Chalkbot

Posted on July 7, 2009 Under Art

The two most important factors in combating a beast such as cancer are courage and hope. Perhaps there's no better embodiment of those two words than Livestrong founder and seven time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. While Armstrong may…

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Devo x Lance Armstrong Bike

Posted on March 23, 2009 Under Design

The Kaws bike just got some unlikely company by way of the original spud boys, DEVO. Created and donated by Michael Hammond of Trek Bicycles, this fixed gear bike is a piece of rolling artwork, complete with DEVO lyrics integrated…

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Kaws x Lance Armstrong Bike

Posted on March 18, 2009 Under Design

There's not a huge amount of crossover between athletes and toy collectors. But when that intersection occurs you'll be sure to find a handful of fit fanboys -- like the ones drooling over art superstar KAWS and Lance Armstrong's bike…

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Cycling for a Cause

Posted on July 9, 2007 Under Travel

The 94th Tour de France kicked off this past Saturday, coincidentally on my birthday (07-07-07, shameless plug). I couldn't think of a more exciting time for cycling fans around the world; while Team Discovery and CSC and others battle it…

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Serious as Cancer

Posted on July 24, 2006 Under Design

Research has shown that putting thoughts down on paper, whether it be in a journal or diary, can help people to battle illness and depression and the new Cancerpants Journal with Superfuntime Kit is aimed at doing just that. The…

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Don’t Blame Me

Posted on January 10, 2005 Under Life

For all of us that wont be celebrating come Jan 20th"¦. it was only a matter of time until someone manufactured these "I did not vote 4 Bush bracelets. This is from the same people that manufactured the Livestrong bracelets.…

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