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MWM: Vectorfunk Rorschach Posters

Posted on January 6, 2011 Under Art

Matt Moore does it again. More info and images here.

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MWM Opening Reception Saturday

Posted on August 12, 2009 Under Art

What are your plans this Saturday? If you're a fan of MWM like we are, then they should include seeing some new work at the Chorus Gallery in Somerville, MA. On tap is his signature canvas work, a small series…

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MWM Graphics: Parallel Universe

Posted on June 22, 2009 Under Art pal MWM Graphics (Matt W. Moore) is finishing up a month-long stint of work and play in Sao Paulo, putting the final touches on spray painted pieces for tomorrow's kickoff of his first-ever solo show in South America, Parallel…

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Two New Books from MWM

Posted on February 4, 2009 Under Design

We've grown accustomed to the graphic awesomeness from MWM. The Portland-based designer doesn't disappoint with two new books. Both volumes are the result of a self-described "mega groove" he found himself in the fall of '08, though the products are…

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MWM Site Update

Posted on September 30, 2008 Under Design

Since last autumn the work of MWM (Matt W. Moore) has been the frequent subject of our praise and the object of our design affections here at So it should come as no surprise that we're absolutely percolating with…

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MWM x Revolve

Posted on August 25, 2008 Under Fashion
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Vectorfunk x MWM

Posted on June 25, 2008 Under Art

A first glance, JS perennial favorite Matt W. Moore's portfolio reveals a range of styles centered on a knack for arrangement. When it comes to the geometry, Moore can create a compelling scene using the most basic shapes and patterns…

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MWM 20/20

Posted on May 29, 2008 Under Art, Life

We can't get enough of the bold, clean work of design master and JoshSpear favorite Matt W. Moore. As the man behind MWM Graphics, we're not entirely sure where he finds the time to get as much done as he…

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MWM Black & White Bangers Volume 4

Posted on April 7, 2008 Under Art

Things have been busy for Boston artist Matt W. Moore. Sure we've talked about Wallspankers Magazine, the print campaigns, his semi-bohemian existence in the wilds of Vermont, but have we talked about the fourth edition of his Black & White…

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SpearTalks: MWM Graphics

Posted on February 1, 2008 Under Design

Matt W. Moore knows the remedy to day job doldrums. An ex-agency man turned big-time web designer, Matt has never renounced his personal creative pursuits for his job "“ a sacrifice that today's creative types find themselves depressingly prone to.…

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