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Saint Augustine Academy: New Flagship!

Posted on June 17, 2008 Under Fashion 1 Comment

It's easier to dress all of your male friends in Saint Augustine Academy when you have the entire collection in front of you-- which is exactly what I would be doing if I were in Sydney, where the accelerating line…

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Who Wants What: Saint Augustine Academy

Posted on December 7, 2007 Under Life 0 Comments

We figured the boys at Saint Augustine Academy would want some rockstar stuff to match their party pants, and Alvin and Adrian didn't disappoint. Cars, world travel, and a little bit of supercalifragilisticexpialidociousness compose the wishlist of two of our…

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SpearTalks: Saint Augustine Academy

Posted on August 3, 2007 Under Fashion 1 Comment

An intro to an interview shouldn't take too long to write, particularly when the subject of the interview is something as exciting as Saint Augustine Academy, a buzzy men's fashion label out of Australia that's as hard-rocking as it is…

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Saint Augustine Academy

Posted on March 9, 2007 Under Fashion 2 Comments

Recently, It's been getting me down that so much stuff I want to get my hands on isn't readily available in the U.S. Case in point: Saint Augustine Academy's menswear, a rock-and-roll dripping, awesomely tailored line out of Australia that's…

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Gift Guide: Fashion

Alex & Chloe: Fork You Necklace: Read JS Review | Buy It ($50) Because sometime you just can't say it out loud -- especially in the same breath as "Happy Holidays." Bumboo Tees: Read JS Review | Buy It ($58…

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SpearTalks Roundup! (Click Away)

Posted on May 12, 2008 Under Life 0 Comments

I was browsing around the site reflecting on how far we've come and couldn't help but notice the wealth of inspiration and content we've got in the SpearTalks archives. So, I figured I'd round them all up for easy consumption.…

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Norman and the Starmaker: Finally!

When we did an interview with Sydney's Saint Augustine Academy, we could only show you a tiny little bit of Norman and the Starmaker (i.e; Alvin and Adrian's Fall collection). Well, it's about that time (freaking finally) where you can…

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Azalea: New Stuff for the Lads

Posted on April 16, 2007 Under Fashion 1 Comment

Azalea, one of our favorite online clothing stores, has added some great new men's clothing for spring, including some fun stuff from Umbro by Kim Jones and the eco-friendly GRN Apple Tree. I love Artful Dodger's latest additions (this tee…

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