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I’ve been watching the evolution of Cypher13‘s SOFT&FURRY with keen interest. It began with a contest to create the forthcoming… Read More >>

A Black & White Giveaway

Our pal Stinger, the Netherlands-based designer behind Zeptonn Labs, has finally dropped his latest book project, Black & White Freedrawings.… Read More >>


Jan Willem Wennekes, also known as Stinger, crafts a killer monster. Well, “killer” in its most docile, endearing sense —… Read More >>

New Zeptonn @ blik

We love Jan Willem Wennekes, aka Zeptonn. We love his silliness, his monsters, and his humorously fitting scholastic background in… Read More >>

Monsticle Breakout

Team favorite Jan Willem Wennekes (of Zeptonn) just dropped word on his latest limited edition print. Even though I’m a… Read More >>