$20 Off Jawbone

Posted on July 17, 2008 Under Gadgetry

Hands-free traffic laws: freedom-stripping legislation passed in the name of public safety or just a way of getting assholes to pay attention? Neither! If you live in one of those despotic states that don’t think you can talk and drive at the same time (and to be fair, a lot of you can’t. There should really be some kind of DMV test), Jawbone feels your rage. Which is why they’re offering $20 off their products if you’ve been issued a cell phone citation. But we’ve got a secret: any number will work. We don’t advocate plugging in a phony combination of five or six digits in the “Hands Free Ticket Processor” to receive a discount. But look at it this way: it’s like a cash advance for the ticket you would’ve received had you not bought your Jawbone.