Google Search History

I’m not so sure how I feel about Googles new “Search History” service. It’s smart, obvious, and was only a matter of time for such a thing to be introduced–but I see a lot of privacy issues coming up for users who choose to use this function on a public machine. You have to have a Google account, which is easy to setup. Google History is almost trying to replace everyday browser bookmarks, and it also shows a search density calendar. You have to login for the feature to work–so it will be an easy feature to ignore, but maybe useful to some. Also, Wired has a good article discussing the privacy issues involed.

Sketchel Results

Remember Sketchel? That customized satchel design contest from a while back? Well, either way they had around 150 artists from around their world submit designs—and some of them can be seen here. The full online gallery isn’t online yet, but it’s a nice peak at a serious amount of talent. The page has a lot of goodies plus many other images and more information about Sketchel.

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