Realm Dekor

Realm Dekor has a really nice collection of home furnishings, bed covers, pillows, and general modern decor. Their line of shaped pillows and throws are really great, and they’re affordable. It’s their policy to utilize local talented and budding entrepreneurs in their product development–and the results seem quite successful. I’ve heard rumors of some more nice products in the future mix. They are consciously trying to keep the price down in “Modern” design, a market that has had a pretty steep price tag lately.

Hey Google, Map this!

I’m always a little bit hesistant to mention another Google maps trick, but Wired has a really solid roundup article about all the hacks that have been developed, including the housing maps, that combines craigslist and Google Maps, as well as a new Google/Flickr Hack. Hacking Google Maps and connecting it with already valuable resources on the internet quickly became an identifiable and popular trend–and most of the results are now useful tools.

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