Cathode Corner: Nixie Watch

David Forbes is like a mad Cathode scientist, and his time ‘creations’ made of old nixie tubes shown on his website Cathode Corner is proof. This Nixie Watch displays the time in old nixie tubes, with a soft neon display–like the ones that were used in the calculators some 35+ years ago. It’s a two digit wrist watch and shows the hours, minutes, and seconds in sequence just with a flick of the wrist). Each watch is individually numbered, and goes for $395. They are made in very small runs– he is currently selling the second batch of 50 (each watch is engraved with an edition number).

Start Mobile

Start Mobile is the first company to ever offer actually good art from credible emerging independent artists–downloadable to your mobile phone. They have quite the collection of artists with art and wallpaper from guys like David Choe, Shepard Fairey, Yoffy, I-Manifest (They also do great t-shirt designs), and even the amazing street photographer we saw a while back that goes by ‘Boogie‘. They have many of the artists that created custom rooms in the Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco.

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