Google Mars

Google just quietly launched Google Mars– I kid you not. This online application allows you to browse the martian landscape the same way Google Maps allows you to scan and research our planet earth. Browse the mountains, canyons, dunes, plains, ridges, and craters of mars. You can view in three different modes: elevation, visible, and infared. It seems to only show a small portion of the planet but none-the-less it’s incredibly beautiful!

3D Painted Rooms

After some digging I couldn’t find much information about the creators of these 3D painted rooms, just a lot of pictures. If anyone knows more about them though– please drop me a note. There isn’t much to say but each room is painted in a way so that when look you look at it right the image appears in 3D. Optical illusions like this always amaze me. I imagine these were made with a projector and some serious attention to detail!

Update: This appears to be the work of Felice Varini Thanks for all the emails!

Visualize Your Email Conversations

Ever wonder what types of things you talk about with your various email buddies? Or how your email conversations differ with each? Themail is a new tool (unfortunately PC only) that visualizes the contents of your email archive. Each column represents a month of email exchanged with a selected person. The more unique the word is, the larger it appears. Maybe if we send enough visitors over to the MIT student project, they’ll create a Mac OS X version– it looks really neat. Via Future Feeder

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