Metromint: Spearmint Flavor

Anyone who knows me knows I love mint, especially Metromint– the peppermint water made from nothing but spring water and pesticide-free mint grown in Washington’s Yakima Valley. I guess the folks at Metromint loved me so much they went out and created a new flavor named after me: Spearmint. The Spearmint flavor is more subtle than the peppermint– gentle yet oh so refreshing. The fridge at Spear Headquarters is now stocked! Keep your eyes peeled for it at your local Whole Foods or other natural grocery stores Summer ’06

High Line Groundbreaking in New York

I first blogged about The High Line project back in July of last year, and until now had heard very little about it. On April 10th the transformation of The High line begins– the city will celebrate the beginning of construction (after 20 years of legal disputes) with a free party on Little West 12th Street. No word on timing of the overhaul, how long it will take, etc–but soon it will become a beautiful public park designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro. Very exciting, I can’t wait to see it completed. Via Treehugger


I don't usually drink coffee, so early mornings can be especially hard–Until I was given a sample of Zipfizz, a healthy new energy drink mix that only has 10 calories, no sugar, and includes 25 nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes. All you have to do is poor the mix into 16-20 oz of water and you have an instant energy drink. The small packaging, about the size of a finger, makes it easy to take with you and because Zipfizz is designed to replace vital nutrients it's great for sports. I recommend it for an early morning after a long night out, it definitely helps in fighting hangovers, trust me.


The Spanish company Oken has been developing and producing seating solutions for both public and private environments since 1989. I recently discovered them while searching for one of their latest products seen here: the Binaria chair. It’s surely one of the most remarkable pieces in the collection and was recently awarded the Delta ADI-FAD 2005 prize, well deserved in my opinion. The Binaria chair was developed with a particular emphasis on ergonomics, so that it helps maintain good posture and provides greater mobility thanks to its adjustable wheels (casters) or glides. Perfect for multi-tasking around the office! -Stefano Ricci reporting from Cesena, Italy


Caddy is a new product concept by a London based design consultancy called Wood&Wood Design. The idea behind Caddy is to draw together a mobile suitcase, a “granny trolley”, and a walking aid. The Caddy can be either pushed or pulled to suit the needs of the users. The design team says the simplicity of the concept allows for a broad market appeal especially with older users who are traveling and working nomadically more often. It seems like an all in one inclusive product– and is made with a rigid outer shell and removable soft inner case. The handle is moveable as well so the user can pull the case in “closed” mode, or push and lean on it while it’s in “open” mode.

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