Lowercase Industry

With their collection of t-shirts, prints, paintings, and numerous extras, Lowercase Industry sits firmly and happily beneath the radar of the main stream. Although they sell clothes, for Lowercase Industry it isn't about being distributed across the globe and stocked in every store, it's about creating limited run, art based products for people who appreciate unique things. Their tees are each screen printed by hand using sweatshop free labor and as much, if not more, love is used when creating their hand screened art prints, no computer printers here. Focusing more on the quality of their product than the check coming in the mail, these Limeys are doing' it right!

Tidal Force m-750

Forget the details about rotors, stators, electromagnets and peak efficiencies, and focus on the fact that the Tidal Force m-750, from Wave Crest, is the sickest e-bike ever! Utilizing the Wave Crest Adaptive Motor System, the 750 Watts of power can keep you cruising along for about an hour—that is until you hit the "turbo" button and rocket along at speed up to 20 mph. Amongst all the beneficial technology on this e-bike is the regenerative braking system which utilizes the bikes inertia, when slowing down, to recharge the battery and extend the bike's range, plus, the m-750 has a Montague Paratrooper folding frame allowing it to be stored almost anywhere. I guess now the only question is, "What do I do with my car?"

The $39 Experiment

Tom Locke says he is an average guy– not rich, not poor. He had an interesting idea one day when he was staring at a $39 roll of stamps wondering what on earth he could get for $39 in this day in age. Long story short he used the stamps to send 100 individual letters to 100 separate and random companies asking for free stuff– he called it The $39 Experiment. The letters he wrote to companies, not to mention the responses he received from them, are priceless and totally hilarious. If you’re looking for a quick laugh from a good project they’re definitely worth checking out. So far all the coupons and free samples he has received add up to just over $270 from 35 companies.

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