Start Mobile Does Music

START Mobile is known as being the world’s premier mobile art gallery featuring thousands of original works of art from hundreds of emerging artists from around the world. Well, now they are bringing the same vision that, “Art should be for everyone”, to mobile sounds and that is music to our ears! Excuse the pun. Enter the M60, the 60 second long cell phone single, created by independent musicians and delivered directly to your cell as ‘true tones’. Helping artists and musicians like our good friend, Glen Liberman from Android 8, (Congrats Glen!) publish their music to a truly global mobile market, START is really creating a revolution in the mobile music industry. The site opens Wednesday with hundreds of free ‘true tones’– so head on over and download yours to support Glen and all of the independent artists and musicians out there!

Royal Elastics in Taipei


When I was in Taipei I got a nice tour of all the Royal Elastics flagship stores. It’s amazing to see a brand have such solid Asian brand presence. The American team should be taking notes on the way the Taipei team is marketing Royal Elastics–they’re really doing it nicely here. Many Americans haven’t even heard of the brand–Asia on the other hand has recognized Royal as a massive supporter of street-art. This past Saturday in Tokyo there was a massive art party with live painting by sheOne, sponsored by Royal Elastics. They’re totally doing it right here: Art installations, customized artist-sneakers, and beautiful store fronts. I’ve started seeing this brand all over Tokyo as well, nice stuff.

Martin Waugh Liquid Sculpture


Many artist experiment with their medium, but none is so unique and simply beautiful as Martin Waugh’s Liquid Sculptures, which are created from drops of water. The 51 year old Waugh combines the “skill of a computer programmer with the eye of an artist and patients of Job” to capture water droplets as they reach their final destination. The result of experimenting with droplet density, temperature, and size for over 4 years is 20-30,000 photos of exploding droplets each unique in color and shape. My favorites are the “globe” shots, where Waugh has seamlessly captured the world in a drop of water!

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