A-Part-Mental: Bulgaria

Looking for a chill spot in Bulgaria? Arrive day or night to this flat-turned-absinthe lounge, ring the buzzer, mount the stairs, creep curiously from room to room, and watch as each necker, drinker, smoker’s eyes dart upward as if you’re Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut. Above you, white flowers pop from the ceiling’s plaster, attaching their vines to vintage chandeliers and Bulgarian artist Svetlana Todorova’s gargantuan pieces are a palpable presence. The owner, Plamen, created A-Part-Mental in the spirit of ayurveda (eye-yer-vay-duh) which means “knowledge of life.” He welcomes your wandering. Watch a film. Spin some music. Browse a book. Play the house guitar. Smoke a clove. Find the kitchen for homemade sangria or Himalayan chai. It’s a destination between cosmopolitan and coffee house. Be sure to say hi when you see me.
Tips for finding it: In the city of Sofia, hit the intersection of Neofit Rilsky and Chesti Septemvri, look for Ygo (a 24-hour pizza and pasta place) and enter the grand English gate next door.

The FADER Goes Digital

Our friends over at The FADER Magazine decided in the spirit of summer to release their latest Issue (39) in PDF format available by direct download or through iTunes (like a Podcast)– an entire week before it hits newsstands. As always the magazine is packed with the best of nitty-gritty music and lifestyle journalism. I think the downloadable magazine is a bit of an experiment but could easily catch on– eager FADER fans can get there ad-laden editorial dosage in all its high resolution glory a week early. Really though, good move guys!

Pjotro’s Musical Suit

Pjotro is the only man with a musical suit that we know of– and watching/listening to him move is really amazing! The suit, which emanates beats and bops with every motion was created from his passion for dancing, music, and engineering. It may seem elementary, but watching the clip from his Finnish TV appearance, Pjotro creates electronic music that challenges that of many artists. On his site you can simulate the process by programming him to move in a variety of fashions including slow, crazy, sharp, smooth, cool, and fast, at different portions in his unique dance cycle. Pjotro's invention is totally innovative and its complexity demonstrates his engineering intelligence (A+ from us), which it seems can only be matched by his killer dance moves!

Portrait of a Sneaker

With Portrait of a Sneaker, author Sidney Lo, takes us inside today's kicks culture by profiling some of the big and small, collectors and distributors– all making names for themselves in the US sneaker community. The article is well written, insightful, and provides an in depth look into the individual, the community, and the culture of sneaker collecting from the big city to small town America. Lo made sure to encompass the whole sneaker community, including everyone from Lori Lobenstine, creator of FemaleSneakerFiend.com which advances the female collector's community, to uber-exclusive import A Bathing Ape (Bape), to 26 year old Gabriel Urist, who found his niche creating custom sneaker bling. Lo provides an informative and entertaining read that examines the collector and the industry and shows the inspiration and desire that is fueling the sneaker revolution! If you’re interested in learning more about sneaker culture in general, this article is a must read.

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