Shigeki Hayashi: Babies In Spacesuits

Ceramist Shigeki Hayashi makes intriguing and bizarre works of art. His life like sculptures of babies in spacesuits and S&M outfit togged femmes are examples of the "possibility of ceramic expression" as he puts it. Weird and wonderful at the same time, his work seems to address the Japanese obsession with youth and sex. His latest work, The Entertainment Ceramics 2 has 2 rows of spacesuit clad infants facing each other. Eyes closed, they appear as if they were in the womb. In some of his older work, disembodied heads seem to meld into or out of the floor, depending on the angle you view at. It’s pretty amazing work, a wee bit disturbing, but totally worth checking out.


The Graphic Imperative

We live in turbulent times, but its good to see some people care about the world and are trying to make some kind of difference through the arts– using whatever tools they have. The Massachusetts College of Art and Philadelphia University put together a series of posters called The Graphic Imperative: International Posters for Peace, Social Justice and the Environment 1965-2005. The Graphic Imperative is a selection of 121 unique posters, all created to address the various issues that plague us (by artists around the world). Thought provoking, serious, sometimes humorous, sarcastic and critical, these are some of the best statement posters we’ve ever seen. The Graphic Imperative is currently on exhibit at the AIGA National Design Center in New York from June 15th to August 18th, 2006. So if you’re in the area, go see the posters in full size–beautiful work!

Real Dutch Design

This year’s edition of the Dutch design book is so real that the publishers added the word ‘Real’ to the title. Real Dutch Design 2006/2007 is quite possibly the most comprehensive reference for anyone interested in this leading area of design. At almost 1,000 pages in length and divided into two seperate volumes, the book contains portfolios and information on more than 300 designers. The great thing about Real Dutch Design is that there are editorial sections preceding the portofilios in which design experts and users give their opinions and thoughts on the future of Dutch design. With this framework in mind, the reader is then presented in the following pages with a wide variety of works that each meet the client demands in unique ways. Order your copy today.

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