Nixie Clock

Owning three vacuum tube amplifiers with a fourth on my to-do list, I am well aware of the fascination of these little unpredictable gems of Cold War technology. There has clearly been a resurgence in their popularity, with many vintage new-in-box tubes being sold for large markups by a scrupulous few who had the foresight to horde them in warehouses. You can also purchase Nixie tube clocks with prices ranging from a few hundred to a few grand, and with all levels of difficulty including kits complete with all the parts or just a instruction sheet. Alternatively, you can do what Friedhelm Bruegmann did and build one yourself, from scratch. Using the always respectable but sometimes archaic method of point to point wiring (as opposed to a circuit board), Bruegmann assembled an all tube Nixie clock. It took him a painstaking 7 years and employs 103 tubes in all, with 6 doing the actual display. The whole package was meticulously mounted on what seems to be a rack mount sized metal case, complete with two carrying handles. This is an incredible feat that surely anyone could appreciate! Also be sure to check out the Nixie Watch.

Via Gizmodo

Flavorpill’s Activate

Congratulations to Flavorpill for launching their 10th email publication to date. Sick of scanning for world news? I know I am! The latest newsletter Activate is a weekly filter of ‘what’s going on around the world’– distilling the most important, and most interesting hand picked links covering the gauntlet of international news, politics, business, science and technology, and even some humorous news links from around the web.

Mimobot Ginchy Series

The guys over at Mimoco are at it again, this time adding three new characters to their ever-expanding community of animated USB citizens. This time it's the Ginchys, "an attitude-enhanced Rockabilly trio," Ramona, Link, and Betty-Lou. Designed by Lili Chin, an animator and artist born in Malaysia, and famous for the cartoon Mucha Lucha, these guys are truly rockin', from Link's cigs and tattooed arms and Betty Lou's hot pink mane to Ramona's vintage shades and polka dot apparel. Available as 256 MB, 512 MB, 1GB, and 2 GB configurations pre-orders are now open before the series drops at the San Diego Comic Con on July 19th. Don't forget to tote your mimobot around with some protection in the protohoodie keychain accessory now available in white, silver, and black.

Urwerk 103 Blackbird

Urwerk, one of Geneva's finest watch makers presents the sensational 103 Blackbird, an evolution from their signature UR-103. It’s very limited edition with only 10 pieces made. It draws its design influence from deep space, powerful rockets, and sleek jets– and a quick glance at Lockheed's SR-71 Blackbird leaves no doubt regarding the inspiration behind this incredible watch. The streamlined platinum case is cloaked in an exotic black PE-CVD or Plasma Enhanced-Chemical Vapor Deposition coat that boasts an extremely high scratch resistance. The watch's Orbital Cross carries four Satellites which rotate lining up the hour marker with the minute marker at the base of the display. Although, no pricing information was available I'm guessing it may be a little out of the average consumers league, but that doesn't mean we can't stare in amazement at this beautifully crafted technological timepiece!

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