Front, the team of Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken, Anna Lindgren, and Katja Savstrom, is a design agency out of Stockholm, that, as the name suggests, is at the head of the design game. Pushing out concepts and prototypes with a tactile feel using innovative and perhaps strange techniques, the four designers are easily compared to quirky Dutch design firm Droog Design. In fact the two firms recently met up to create a few new pieces of furniture. Front works on that thin border between functional design and conceptual art. Their collection Animals is an intriguing example of when animals are utilized in creating art and include Rat Wallpaper (shown here) has holes in it, created by hungry rats, that allow the previous papers to show through. Front has recently produced designs for various companies like Materia and MOOOI. Make sure to check out their very impressive portfolio.

Puma Table Tennis

Puma T3 SmPing Pong (or Table Tennis) is a sport that brings me much joy. I honed my skills playing every afternoon at work, going as far as purchasing my own paddle, it’s own padded case, and cleansers. Apparently, I am not alone in my enthusiasm as Jeff Staple (of Staple Design) teamed up with Puma for the first ever Puma Table Tennis Tournament (PT3). The German sneaker powerhouse with their classic TT Super (take a guess at what that stands for), hosted a two day event (July 22, 29) which included both singles and team play at the NYTTF. This is a great example of how a great idea can get major backing and quickly become something much more grand and exciting. You can check out more pictures over at Freshness!

Pick Chair

PickchairA novel idea by Dror Benshetrit of design Studio Dror is the Pick Chair for Italian furniture company Sintesi. Dror's designs are more than objects, "becoming part of their narratives, expressed in transformations that are both metaphorical and literal." Exhibiting exactly this mantra is the Pick, which is made of flat wood veneer panels fixed atop a hinged metal structure, and is completely duo-functional, one, forming a decorative screen and two, a perfectly functional chair. Once removed from the wall, where it is exhibited as art, the hinges allow the panels to fold into a simple seating solution. It's perfect for extra seating when you have friends over or as a beautiful decoration that lies against the wall when you don’t. The Pick Chair is a brilliant, space saving idea with a contemporary touch and beautiful graphics applied onto the wood surface.

Outer Edge Studio


Outer Edge Studio, the creation of fine artist Andrew Jackson, is a wonderful space enveloped in eye-catching art and people happy to engage in intelligent conversation about it. Previously the youngest gallery owner in Carmel, Andrew's background in art includes working as a color specialist correcting fine art Giclee prints and creating his self published book "Intensity". However, it is the great highs and terrible lows from working with galleries, publishers, and collectors that he took to heart when creating Outer Edge Studio, which he hopes will be a wonderful experience for all artist who show with him. Currently he is featuring Austin, TX based artist Bonnie Gammill whose show will run until August 22nd. Make sure to check out Bonnie's work or stop by every six weeks for a fresh new batch of artist and some great company to share it with!

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