Tom Bihn: The Archetype

When the MacBook Pro’s came out, our friends over at Tom Bihn were the first to the scene with a stylish, functional and properly-sized laptop case. The larger size and additional .2 inches of the MacBook Pro’s width quickly turned my entire laptop case collection from my previous Power Book’ completely obsolete. This case, The Arechtype, is uniquely fitted with ‘Genuine Cork Fabric’ (it’s much more believable than you can see in any photograph) still remains one of our favorites. I’m often stopped with it asking if it’s real wood. Splash proof zippers, molded plastic handles and 8mm of dense, closed-cell foam keeps your Macbook protected to the max. Made in Seattle, Tom Bihn continues to impress us with awesome bags, superior customer service and fabulous attention to detail.

Worldchanging: The Book

I’ve been a WorldChanging blog reader ever since I learned of them through my first invitation to the TED conference last year (I wasn’t able to make it, but can’t wait for this year’s lineup). They just released their first book: Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century. The book starts out with a foreword by Al Gore and an introduction by Bruce Sterling, followed by 600 pages of innovative ideas for creating a bright green future, divided into chapters about stuff, shelter, cities, communities, business, politics and planet. The book is set to hit bookshelves November 1st– I can’t wait to grab my copy! They’re also doing a book tour, check the schedule to meet the authors in a city near you. Well done WorldChanging team and congratulations!

Lady Sovereign: Love Me or Hate Me

Make way for the S-O-V! We are big fans of Lady Sovereign, and were elated to hear that her new single ‘Love Me or Hate Me’ surpassed Justin Timberlake and T.I. on MTV’s TRL yesterday to take the number one spot. Not bad for a 21 year old, white-girl rapper from the U.K. Some people are dumbfounded by Lady’s TRL supremacy (I like how Pitchfork put it: Carson Daly rolls over in plexiglass grave), but come on–she signed with Jigga and Def Jam–what did you expect? This video is spectacular–we especially like the Tetris-esque effects and beats–partly because we recently acquired a vintage Tetris arcade game here at the office, and Josh and I have been going head-to-head for the past 3 days. Lady is going on tour in a few days and is hitting up some great (small) venues throughout the U.S–so I’d get your tickets now–Lady’s climb to the top of TRL means that this is going to be a difficult ticket to score. Her new album ‘Public Warning’ drops on Halloween, at which point I will dress up like her, go trick-or-treating, and subsequently attempt to impress her with the resulting photos when she comes to play in Boulder at the Fox Theater on November 7th. Josh and I will no doubt be in the balcony for that one. By the way, ‘Public Warning’, Lady SOV’s next album slated for a November release somehow ended up in our hands today, and lets just say you should get excited.

Darren Firth: Keepsmesane

DarrenfirthDarren Firth is a very talented artist/designer from the U.K., and Keepsmesane is his online portfolio. In the past three years, Darren has focused a lot on developing his personal portfolio, but has also done some impressive work for clients like Nike, Puma, Ben Sherman, Lee Cooper, and also founded Wear It With Pride, collaborated with Sambuki Social and The Royal Magazine (which appears to be dormant right now while those guys dream up another issue). Darren’s work is as diverse as it is impressive: from amazing collages, to shoe and skateboard designs, to multimedia projects, he has it covered.

Maps of War

Ever wondered who controlled the Middle East over the course of human history? This flash movie, Maps of War, takes you, the viewer, from 3000 B.C.E through the present, 2006 C.E. It’s also constantly updated with the ever-evoling conflict issues. If you have any confusion over the conflicts in the Middle East and the history surrounding it, watch this video. Also available: The Iraqi Pressure Vault, Shiite Vs Sunni, and more.

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