Matchstick Productions: Push and Pull

When Fall rolls around, I always get an excited feeling in my stomach, because Summer is over and Winter is soon to follow. I think ski film producers get that same feeling, because they always begin their premiere tours in September. Now I know that a lot of you are not as into skiing (or any snow sport for that matter) as much as I am, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share this magic. This year, our boys at Matchstick Productions one-upped even their most prolific previous films. I was privileged enough to grow up in MSP Land (a.k.a. Crested Butte, CO), so I have been privy to Matchstick’s constant evolution, refinement, and limit-pushing for the past 15 or so years. Following on the success of last year’s double feature ‘The Hit List,’ and ‘The Hit List Re-mix,’ MSP chose to produce another tandem release. This year it’s ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’– ‘Push’ is quite possibly the best effort I have seen to date as far as capturing the true and pure essence of the sport of skiing– as it stands today– understanding all-along where its roots lie. ‘Pull’s’ draw is that it is edited in concert with the athletes themselves– so they get to decide how their segments are put together. The ‘Push’ soundtrack is amazing– with tracks from bands like Deathcab for Cutie, Wolfmother, the athletes are world-class– with skiers like Simon Dumont, Shane McConkey, Mark Abma, and Rory Bushfield, and the Locations will make you want to book a flight tonight– Japan, China, Norway, Terrace B.C., Aspen CO, and Whistler B.C. to name a few. Enjoy.

Diem Chau: Carved Crayons

These are Storytelling Crayons, carved meticulously to show the absolute finest details of honor, courage, and sometimes humor in the characters faces. The artist Diem Chau was born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1979, and says “I consider myself an artist whose medium is stories, especially those that are primarily passed on orally. Coming from a nomadic childhood, what few possessions my family had were necessities. The things of greatest value to us were stories contributed by friends and family. Embedded in these stories are connections to the past, our culture and an occasional escape from reality.” Check out the dozens of carved crayons, pictures, illustrations and beautiful work at Diem’s site.

Tumi: Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptors

We love our Tumi Adaptors– when we travel you’re hard pressed to find us leave home without them. They just introduced an ‘ultra-slim’ design, even more compact than before. The Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor Kit comes with a 120-watt AC/DC power adaptor, an auto/airplane connector, retractable cable, and half a dozen adaptor tips to fit into every cell phone, laptop and accessory you can imagine. This is easily the nicest adaptor set we’ve ever seen. Nice holiday gift idea for a jet-setting friend?


Come Off It

Tomorrow (Saturday, November 4th), you should all follow the simple instructions offered by Come Off It, an important initiative organized by Dave Hampton– the Carbon Coach. Why? As was thoroughly and frighteningly documented in Al Gore’s film and book ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ planet Earth will be faced with catastrophic climate destruction — with corresponding effects on humans — if we all don’t start working together to reverse the current global warming trend. Carbon dioxide emissions are a byproduct of your exhaust pipes in your cars, of our power plants, and of countless other sources in our industrially developed society– carbon dioxide also happens to be one of the foremost greenhouse gas culprits in existence. The gist of the Come Off It initiative is to get people to switch-out at least one non-efficient light bulb in their house with an efficient one, and turn off unnecessary electricity-consuming appliances and light fixtures in your house– the result is what Dave Hampton refers to as the creation of ‘nega-watts,’ rather than ‘mega-watts.’ If enough people participate, the result will be astounding; but unlike the global warming debacle, it will be astounding in a positive way.

Gwon O-sang

Korean artist Gwon O-sang calls his work a new method of playing with illusion and reality. We agree– his 3 dimensional paper sculptures are mind boggling. You can read an interview of him here or an in-depth article here. The sculpture on the left, Demand, is composed of 140 pieces, in the center is Fear, made up of 280 pieces and Difference, composed of 1800 pieces for Error C-prints. Go check out larger photos of his work to really understand how detailed this is! Via vvork

Bottega/Paul Smith Skateboard

The boys at Product Dose pointed out these bad-ass skateboard collaborations between Bottega Montana (luxury skate decks) and Paul Smith (luxury everything but skate decks, until now). Each one of the 77 decks are made with black walnut and one line of oak down the center. The entire board is held together with Bottega Montana’s signature tongue-and-groove construction. The wheels, of course, bright pink. You can grab a board (while they last) at the Paul Smith shop in LA, NYC, London, Nottingham, Paris, Milan or Tokyo. More detailed shot after the jump.


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