Absolut Bling!

The people over at Absolut Vodka have always been the design-consious types, but their holiday gift pack, called the ‘Absolute Bling Bling Gift Pack,’ ups the ante. Absolut’s bling website is chock full of everything bling– from a story book of the history of bling, to blinged-out drink recipes, to bling downloads, to the holy grail itself (the bling gift pack). When I inquired about where I can buy one of these kits, the website didn’t seem to list the United States as a purchase location. Seems weird that Absolut wouldn’t want to sell their bling-pack in the home of bling– so if anyone has the inside track on where I can find one of these, please let me know. Times I wrote the word ‘bling’ in this post: 11 … 12 including the title.

Via Core 77

The Moofia

A sneak peak at the ultra-cute new mini figure series from STRANEGco and tokidoki. The hottest stocking stuffers this season, for sure. The Moofia, designed by Italian fashion brand tokidoki features 7 original dairy themed characters, and of course one soy version for us lactose intolerant. These horned little guys will retail for $6.99 each and should be available early December. More fun pictures after the jump.

Craigslist Surfing Alternative

Listpic-3We just picked up on a tip that will make your day if you are a Craigslist ‘treasure hunter’– like many of my friends are (Eric P.K.L., I am dedicating this to you). Basically, listpic creates an alternative way to browse Craigslist– it compiles photos of all articles within your search criteria on one page. That way, you can see photos first, rather than having to link into each individual post before seeing the photos, thus allowing you to see if that Art Deco sofa really isn’t a mothball-smelling ratty couch in someone’s grandma’s basement. Listpic is not in any way affiliated with Craigslist, but has created a great application for use with Craigslist content.

Classickicks Goes Virtual

Classickicks, our all-time favorite shop for sneakers in NYC recently opened an online outpost. The Elizabeth Street shop’s new website fully showcases all the shoes they have in stock and past shoes that are no longer available. They’re also super-good at keeping things current with lots of updates on stock. Nice clean lines and scroll means easy navigation through all your favorite shoes. A good place to educate yourself before a trip to the real store at 298 Elizabeth Street.

Meat and Potatoes

Meat and Potatoes: words that, for me at least, conjure up images of a full tummy. Not surprisingly, that is exactly the image that Los Angeles based design boutique Meat and Potatoes wants you to picture after you experience their design goods and services– ‘creative products, seasoned to taste.’ We just got a great looking package from M & P– limited edition t-shirts packaged in styrofoam and cellophane, just like in the grocery store’s meat department. Each little package has both a limited edition t-shirt and a limited edition print of the graphic on the t-shirt. With the amount of t-shirt samples we get everyday, this was a refreshing way to have them come. Also check out their design book, a well-put-together look into what their design studio has produced since 2001.


GeoGreeting is a nifty little Google Maps mash-up that lets you write words and messages with corresponding buildings to shape each letter. The J in Josh is a building in Ponomona, CA while the S in Spear is from Minneapolis, MN– funny because I’m from neither. The site also has a cute little share with a friend feature to send your GeoGreeting to anyone you wish.

Rachel Domm

Rachel Domm is a passionate artist and illustrator born in the South, now dwelling in Brooklyn, NY where she received her BFA from Pratt Institute. Her body of work runs the gamut from illustrations, prints, books, t-shirts and more– with clients like The New York Times, Budweiser, Time Out and many others. We love the ultra-detailed colored pencil style work shown above. Check her out!

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