BMW Car Camper: Keep Away From Open Flames

From the looks of this concept camper by BMW, I wouldn’t pitch it anywhere near an open flame. Whether a camp stove, a campfire, or just a lighter, this think looks like it could take off like a dead dandelion in the Santa Anas. Jokes aside, this two-person bubble tent was reportedly developed by BMW as part of its 1-series launch a couple of years ago, and recently surfaced in the blogosphere. You inflate it with a low-voltage fan that runs off of your car’s cig lighter. While I don’t think I would ever have a use for it, I think it’s at least an interesting concept as far as a camping accessory that works hand in hand with your car– car camping in its purest sense. I wonder how fast it would go down a snowy hill?

Via Winding Road

Design Charts Rocks It

The announcement says it all. I want to extend my congratulations to Design Charts, the place that I visit to find web design inspiration– as I told you before, Design Charts is basically the Billboard Top 40 of web design, presenting design fans with a weekly rotation of the world’s most savvy websites, as decided by the folks at Dope Awards, Website Design Awards, and Designaside. While I’m not sure I’m willing to replace my rock music with web design just yet, I think that this SXSW award category helps give credit where credit is due. SXSW is great because it’s a festival dedicated not only to Music, but also to artistic forms like film and web design. You can see the list of all of the awards finalists here.

Christoph Schmidberger on pHytonics

pHy"¢ton"¢ics 'fi-tä-niks n [NE, fr. pH] 1 : the presentation of the smallest portion of a body of work that when excised may grow into an entity of its own 2 : an online forum for images, ideas, and a touch of iconoclasm by powerHouse Books.” The most recent of the weekly contemporary art additions to pHyotnics is the work of Christoph Schmidberger, who’s an Austrian-born artist now based in L.A.– we saw some of his work at NADA in Miami a couple of months ago, and were really impressed then. PowerHouse’s staff must have agreed with us, and why wouldn’t they? Christoph’s photo work was included in the Saatchi Gallery's Triumph of Painting and has held solo shows at Goff + Rosenthal, New York, Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles, The Essl Collection, Vienna, and Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum, Graz. His work has been reviewed or published in The Sunday Times, Booklet, The New Yorker, Art + Auction, Details, Art in America, and The Observer, and is in the collections of such institutions as The Museum of Fine Art, Boston, The LACMA, Los Angeles, The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, and the Saatchi Collection, London. Schmidberger is represented in New York by Goff + Rosenthal. The list of accolades aside, you should really see this art for yourself.

Go Ohso: First Look at The Divo

I introduced the revolutionary GO OHSO Marko travel toothbrushes to my readers back in May of ’05– and what a journey they’ve had. While the Marko was meant to be a “pocket toothbrush” so to speak, their newest design, the Divo, is full sized and ideal for long-term travel and home use. The Divo (available in his or hers color schemes) uses the same patented suction technology as before for filling but because of it’s size holds a third more toothpaste. The bristles are also longer, so it deliveries a much nicer brushing experience. This is a very special first look at renderings, so no date of production or availability has been set. The guys at GoOHSO are very interested in feedback, so if you have anything comment or insight you can leave a comment here or drop an email to feedback [at]– Shots of the ladies version after the jump!


#101: Get on

Ooh, I’m so excited about this one I can hardly write. Four boys, fresh out of Canada, barely into their twenties, facing miles and miles of highway and a list of 100 things to do before death"¦ why didn’t I think of this? They’re calling it The Buried Life, and it’s an epic get-r’-done style adventure based on a list of silly/serious/seemingly impossible things to do before the end of (their) time. Some are classic save the world concepts (#7: Plant a tree), and some are pretty out there (#100: Go to space), but all 100 work into their goal to prove that anybody can do anything. So far, the guys have covered almost a third of the list, which is certainly detailed (I mean… I have a to-do list, too… but my #59 isn’t getting shot out of a cannon. Canadians, sheesh.). Rumor has it that #26 (Tell a judge, “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”) might actually go down Supreme Court-style. You need to see the entire list to get a true feel for the magnitude of what they’re trying to achieve, and we definitely recommend taking a look… it is AWESOME. Good luck crew- what you’re doing is completely inspiring, and we’re with you all the way.

Tell Time, Freeze Time: The Future According to Swatch

If you’re lusting for a new techie obsession in between now and the iPhone debut, you might consider starting a letter writing campaign, begging Swatch to make their Infinity Concept Watch a reality. Not that we really need another way to listen to MP3′s, or show off pictures, or make and watch video clips, or tell time. But if we did, I can’t really think of a better place to keep that information than right on my wrist. Google’s telling me that the designer behind the brains and beauty of this watch, Pierre Merlet, is a quantum physicist, which sort of makes sense when you look at this thing; but I’m stumped. Long story short, there’s not much information anywhere about either the watch or the man who designed it. So if anyone knows more than we do, your input would be appreciated.

Via Luxist

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