White Space II: Boulder

On Saturday, March 31st from 6:30-9:00 PM at the Design Within Reach store in Boulder, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and DWR are putting on their second annual White Space event, White Space II. Josh was able to attend last year’s event, and really liked what he saw– it’s basically a live art event that puts 6 local artists to the test of creating something special in a short amount of time– their final work to be sold off to the highest bidder in a silent auction that will go on during the show; the proceeds will go toward future public art events presented by The Collection, a support group of the Boulder MoCA. This year, the Spear Collective’s own Chris Cox will fill some white space with artists Pattie Lee Becker, Paul Kraus, Markham Maes, Amanda Marie, and Jenna Wilson. Other sponsors of the event include Vodka 14 and Avery Brewery– which both happen to be the makers of some of my favorite boutique adult beverages. For those of you in or around Boulder, attendance at this event is mandatory!

Foldschool Furniture: Kids + DIY

For all of you kid-loving DIY-ers out there, Nicola Enrico Stäubli, a Swiss-based architect (and bike messenger), has created a line of free children’s furniture called Foldschool. The catch: you have to build it yourself using cardboard, some simple implements, and Nicola’s printable instructions. The first thing you think of when you hear the phrase “cardboard furniture” is probably “unstable” or “ugly,” but it appears that Foldschool is neither of those things. While its not furniture I’d furnish my house with, I think it would be fun to build with kids to show them that they can build (or help build) something tangible and usable in their own lives. And when you and the kids are done with the piece, you can snap a photo of it and send it to Nicola and he’ll upload it to the website for all to see.

Apple TV: Who Wants One?

By the way I phrased the title of this entry, many of you may (understandably) think that we’re about to hit you with an Apple TV drawing or contest. Sorry, that’s not the case– this time at least. The reason I wrote the title the way I did was to lure you all into this post so I can get some feedback from you regarding your thoughts about Apple TV, which as many of you know, is shipping to customers today. After reading Wired’s take on it, I became curious to get the JoshSpear.com readership’s take on it. Is $300 a good price? Is your TV, as Apple assumes, the center of your life so that you’d want to aggregate all of your media on your TV, or are you happy listening to music and watching shows and movies on your computer? Do you even have the kind and quantity of media so that this device would be worth your money? Is this thing going to provide you with real value? Bring on the comments and responses!

Ingi Erlingsson Additions

Graphic designer and animator extraordinaire Ingi Erlingsson has just updated his website with 23 new illustrations, some golden oldies, and an animation. From his homeland of Iceland, Ingi has brought his talents to the U.K. where now works at the Southsea design studio iLoveDust, and freelances for an array of clients like Giro, Orange, and Comedy Central. Also a member of the Spear Collective, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Ingi around these parts in the future.

Vulcan Edition Google Servers

Legendary graffiti artist Vulcan was recently commissioned to paint a line of servers for Google in conjunction with his solo show that recently opened on the company’s Mountain View Campus. You can browse the work from the show on Vulcan’s site and purchase some of his work via Google Checkout, naturally. Awesome to see such a huge company like Google staying grounded by supporting the arts. More shots of the super-sexy limited edition servers after the jump.


NYC Garbage Goes To Ireland

Justin “I Sell Garbage” Gignac is at it again, this time with a special 100 limited-edition garbage cubes from St. Patrick’s Festival in Dublin, Ireland. The 26-year-old trash magnate turns trash into treasure– when we wrote about him last June he had sold more than 800 units of high-class garbage. The Irish Edition was his first international project– a collaboration between the St. Patrick’s Festival and Dublin City Council.

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