Nonesiste's Arsenio Lamp

Italian designlab Nonesiste has been getting quite a bit of buzz for their V/a.g.r.a. Lamp, a wall-mounted lighting option that curls up when on and, uh, goes flaccid when turned off. I think it’s nice too, but I have no idea why anyone would choose to have just one light tendril/pharmaceutical reference when you could have TEN AT ONCE. V/a.g.r.a’s more generously endowed relative, the Arsenio, offers a double-digit amount of arms, all of which curl into a rather endearing chandelier-ish thing when turned on, then, when not in use, flop back down to a depressing mass of saved energy. Yep, I’d rather scream “Arsenio!” than “V/a.g.r.a!” any day…

YesStyle: Super Sale!

There’s that annoying stereotype that we Asians have a passion for math and science, but here’s one thing I can whole-heartedly back up: we dress on the cutting edge. My bio photo, by the way, caught the only instance EVER in which this didn’t apply. Hong Kong and South Korea have been getting props for their emerging designers, and is there anyone who can look at me in the eye and tell me they haven’t ever panted over the stuff in Japanese fashion mags?

Let me get to the point: Online Asian retailer is having a massive sale of up to 70% off on men’s and women’s clothes, shoes and bags, beauty products and other accessories until August 31. There’s frickin’ free express international shipping for orders over $99 as part of the promotion! And the fun doesn’t stop there…the site’s in English with products listed in actual U.S. currency! Prices, even for non-sale items, are already a deal, so this sale is making things sweeter. I’m going to have to put aside my calculus studies for an hour or so to do me some shopping.

Banca da Camisetas: Brazil

T-shirt wonderland Banca de Camisetas in Sao Paulo has begun a foray into the male underwear biz. The store is known foremost for its fashion-forward tee designs from Brazilian designers and partnerships with heavyweights like automobile maker Fiat, all displayed in a very cool setup that mimics a newsstand with shirts packaged in the shape of mags. The briefs (men down here don’t generally wear boxers) are printed with saucy taglines like Do you want to taste? and Play Me, then packaged in cigarette-style boxes. I’m hoping to see more intimates in the future from them with the more graphic-based designs they’re traditionally known for, and maybe even a little love for us ladies. We like awesome underwear, too.

Waste Not, Want Not

Peter D’Alessandro’s Waste and Want cutting board has little detachable trays on its ends, one tray for waste and the other for the good bits you want in your food. Everybody can identify with the frustrations of regular cutting boards; they’re too small for you to cut up all the ingredients at once so you have to do a lot of ingredient transfer. When those transfers take place, things tend to fall on the ground and you almost certainly get your hands dirty. The Waste and Want board pretty much eliminates those difficulties by providing non-messy, spill-proof containers in which to carry your culinary cargo either to the bin or the pot. Actually, it looks like Mr. D’Alessandro has made something of a career out of finding clever ways to do commonplace kitchen tasks — check out his website to see his other gadgets, including a spoon, which boils its own water.

Velocity: Amazing for Cheap

My older sister is leaving Seattle. This is a tragedy for three reasons; 1) As far as places to visit go, Seattle is far superior to Sand Point, Idaho; 2) After she is gone, my reasons to go to Seattle will have dwindled to 33% of what they used to be (my darling emo cousin just ran away, potentially to Canada, though no one knows for sure. Actually, if anyone happens to see a very blond, very tiny, very intellectually superior sixteen year-old galloping about unattended, please mention her whereabouts/condition in the comment section); and 3) I foresee difficulty in convincing my only remaining Seattle relative, a rather soft-spoken pastor, to shop in my absence at Velocity, the incredible art and design store that is now holding an amazingly delicious moving sale. Because they are relocating to South Lake Union, everything at the current Belltown location is going for a nice 10-70% off. That includes art and furniture by some of our favorite new and old designers like Angela Adams, Area, Dwell, Molo, Blik, Offi, Thomas Paul, Jason Miller, Jefdesigns, George Nelson, Ray and Charles Eames, Jean Prouve, Sori Yanagi, Isamu Noguchi, Verner Panton, Architectural Pottery, and, yeah…holy crap, right?

The sale is running through August 18th, but I recommend running on over as fast as your feet will carry you; you know those Seattle-ites and their design obsessions…

New S+ark for Fossil

Via Moco Loco, I just fell in love with the latest offerings in the Fossil/Phillippe Stark Collaborative series: Veiled has specially electroplated crystal to mimic the bracelet design continuously across its face; Snake, whose closure is hidden on at the front of the watch and the Wrappd Analog, which, in addition to adorning my wrist in approximately two days features digitally-ticking “hands.” Yes, I know it’s a guy’s watch, and yes, I know I have itsy-bitsy wrists, but seriously, I couldn’t not have it. Check out the full collection here — I think even Josh will agree that this time around, they’re a holy lot sexier than the last batch.

Do You Canoe?

I found myself in Portland, Oregon last week for the first time. I didn’t get too much time to explore, but due to the time change I found myself up at 6am with some time to kill — so I grabbed my camera and set off to explore for a few minutes. It didn’t take long for me to stumble onto Canoe. Obviously it wasn’t open at 6am, but a glance through the windows was enough to whet the palate. It looked like a veritable cornucopia of gifts and knick-knacks for the design-minded.

A quick exploration of their website led me to some hidden gems that weren’t apparent in my original window shopping moments such as this German designed, stainless steel condom dispenser or the Tivoli Model One radio.

If you make it out to Portland — or are a lucky local — stop by Canoe and let me know what I missed!

–Danny Nathan

KR LT Studio

KR LT Studio, a conceptual design studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania, takes a freeing approach to concept development. Instead of boxing themselves into one artistic category, principal designers Kristina Dryza and Renata Gaidienò allow themselves the creative freedom to express an emotion or an attitude however they please. Manifestations of each yearly collection’s ideas have been known to take the form of fashion, graphics, and interiors, though all potential mechanisms of interpretation are deemed fair game.

This year’s offering, the Inner Space Collection, is comprised of seven lounging robes, each designed around a particular mood. The lounging robes (a word for which I’m struggling to find a U.S. equivalent — they’re much like very beautiful, impeccably-made dressing gowns) are all thick with Lithuanian tradition, and designed to be “enjoyed within the privacy of a woman’s own environment.” True that may be, but the robes themselves are almost too beautiful to keep confined to one space- each is handmade, with hours upon hours of detail and craftsmanship adorning every sleeve, hem and waistband.

In order to truly appreciate these works of art (aside from seeing one in person), you’ll need to see and read much more than I’m allowed to write here. The KR LT Studio website does a wonderful job telling the studio’s story, so if you’ve found this as intriguing as I have, head on over for some beautiful words and photography.

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