Wallspankers Issue 4

There’s a giant candle sitting on the birthday cake for Wallspankers PDF sticker magazine, which is festing its 1-year status with a new edition that’s pressure-cooking with an arsenal of graff-style drawings and designs available for you to download, print out and dirty up walls with. Created by a hundred artists from all across the globe, the edition packs in more than 350 black-and-white potential adhesives. MWM Graphics and Knuckle Sandwich Press started the project last year to unite art collaborators, but Wallspankers has since grown to encompass an online gallery and an anniversary book called WS:1234, which has a release date sometime later this year. Anyone wanna join me on the playground for a good ol’ fashioned sticker swap?

The Cain Collection Chair

5-2The Cain Collection Chair began from a simple concept: create a simple, affordable piece of furniture using sustainable practices to the fullest extent possible. Designed by Staach Furniture Studio, a small furniture studio based in Rochester, NY, the Cain Collection Chair has accomplished just that. It’s shipped from a nearby mill to Staach’s studio as raw “molding blanks” and then created directly in Staach’s studio using minimal tooling. The chair is available as a finished, unfinished, or upholstered piece and the studio is currently working on flatpack and outdoor variations.

Staach has two other collections as well, the Adam Collection and the Enos Dish Collection. The Adam Collection is a full line of furniture including a stool, a bench, two chair variations, a coffee table, and a dining table. The Enos Dishware collection features clean, simple lines designed to allow the food to make the statement during presentation.

Staach also has an excellent page describing the basis for the sustainable practices. It’s well worth the read for anyone interested in sustainable design and how sustainability can carry over to the business practices of an organization.

Beautiful/Decay T-Shirt Shop

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Last year we told you about the launch of Beautiful/Decay t-shirts. Now they’re launching a new catalogue, and we think so much of it we felt we had to direct you over there. What you won’t find among the Beautiful/Decay catalogue is cliché. There are 179 men’s t-shirts up (to go along with women’s clothing and accessories), and I am amazed at how each of them manages to surprise me, even if only in some small way. There’s the strange, the vaguely political, and the shirt that looks like you passed out and your drunk buddies took out the sharpies and went to work. The nice thing about the new catalogue is that it makes all the various B/D lines easy to find and sift through, so finding a new shirt on your computer screen is as easy as finding one on the rack.

Information Architects Map the Internet

While it would certainly help to have been to Tokyo (Josh won’t stop raving about it), I don’t think it’s a prerequisite for understanding the Information Architects Web Trends Map 2007 Version 2.0. It’s got a long title, but it’s not that complicated. Basically, the Web Trends Map is a visual representation of the top 200 sites on the web, mapped out like the Tokyo Metro (which appears to be mind-numbingly Byzantine in nature. Here’s a link to the actual map for comparison). On the map, websites are connected by lines just like in a metro system, but in this case the lines are called “sharing,” “moneymaker,” and “news” instead of “red,” “1, 2, 3,” or “central.” This project may or may not increase your understanding of how the internet works, but it’s a cheeky idea nonetheless and something fun to look at. Also, PLEASE check out the clickable version, which makes following a line with your mouse more fun that it should ever be.

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