Showcase Highlights: October, Week One

If you guys aren’t checking out the Showcase on a regular basis, you’re missing out on some pretty awesome submissions, like this week’s blinged-out dog bed, a photo exhibit about underwater living and a bathtub carved out of one piece of stone. If you’re not visiting, it also means you’re not submitting — which is actually one of the best ways to catch our attention. Get in on the action now!

Baby Tattooville

If you’ve got, say, $1,500 lying around and count artists Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Frank Kozik and Jeff Soto amongst your heroes, you’re probably already registered for this weekend’s Baby Tattooville gathering happening in Riverside, California. Around 100 diehard fans with golden tickets are paying for the super-rare opportunity to hobnob with a dozen artists including the aforementioned heavyweights and if it’ll be anything like I’m imagining, a lot of people will be walking around in wet pants from all that excitement. The registration fee covers hotel fare, workshops, seminars, socials, demos and the best goodie bag in the world, stuffed with exclusive everything: a Luke Chueh original drawing (he’ll take requests), signed and numbered prints, a giclee featuring attending artists, books by Mark Murphy and a gazillion other covetable pieces and merchandise. Together, those are probably worth more than the entry fee itself. There are still spaces left, so register soon if you want to claim a spot.


My current living situation discourages me from collecting things. This is good, because no one likes a pack rat, and my roommate and I share the opinion that less (unless you’re talking clothes, shoes, or stuff that smells like coconut) is more. However, I have this obsession with rugs. I think, to put this succinctly, that rugs are rad, and this is why I look at rugs a lot, and this is why I will, when I have the proper square footage, have several phenominal-looking rugs. A collection, even, and I hope to GOD that that collection starts with something from Stepevi. Born from the success of their parent company Step (an Instanbul-based market leading rug maker for over three generations), Stepevi makes beautiful, modern, and emotional pieces that blend style, personality, and elegance into rectangles of various sizes. Stepevi has (and this is a personal opinion, but I mean it) the most consistently alluring collection of rugs I have ever seen. Be sure to check out both the 2007 and 2008 collections; the two offer some very different things, yet are equally amazing.

The Interlaken OTC Hotel

There is no Switzerland at Epcot Center. China is there, which is nice enough, but — sigh — no chocolate. It’s ok though, because Switzerland is now located in China. The one that’s not in Florida, I mean. Located just outside of Hong Kong in the midst of subtropical tea plantations lies The Interlaken OCT Hotel, a picturesque Swiss chalet located in an equally pristine village. Gingerbread houses line the streets surrounding Lake Interlaken, sharing their view of the “alps” with a 10,000 square foot indoor/outdoor spa and a championship golf course. There are almost 300 rooms in the five-star castle, and room leftover for four restaurants and a 1,000-seat theater. Part of me, after staring at pictures of this place, is like, “Whoa now, China; how about hopping on a jet and going to Switzerland for real?” …But then the other half of me (you know, the part that likes eating my dim-sum while I live in a castle) is like, “YEAH China, YEAH!” I want to know what this place is like in person now, so if f any of you have been here, please tell us about it!

Rocio Romero Prefab

Two hours north of San Francisco in Pope Valley (Napa County), a new Rocio Romero prefab is open for tour. The 4 bedroom, 3 bath home is another impressive example of the prefabricated home architecture movement, this time located on 48 acres of private land. As compared to most of the other prefabs we’ve told you about, the Napa home features plenty of room to move around in, as well as the famously modern architecture of Romero. If you need more than 3,000 square f eet to stretch your legs, the grounds also feature a 40×20 swimming pool…and if you need somewhere to film your next blockbuster, the home is also open for commercial photo, movie, and production shoots. The home’s owners are even offering consulting services for anyone considering buying a prefab, offering to walk seriously interested parties through the construction, financing, and design processes. If you’re interested in any of the above amenities, or just want to take a look around, sign up here for one of the home’s monthly weekend tours, but act fast — places are limited.

Jabra BT3010 Bluetooth Headset

Must you wear one? I’m not personally a huge fan of the bluetooth headset craze. Yeah, they’re convenient, but I just can’t get used to seeing people walking down the street talking to themselves, er…someone. It’s weird. New York has enough crazy people on the streets, now we’ve got them looking mostly normal, other than the wild gesticulations.

But, if you must, you must. And if you must, then you must have a look at Jabra’s newest addition to its bluetooth line. The BT3010 allows you to choose from a variety of designs on their website, including 8 submitted by users, so at least you can add a little flair to your technological insanity. Of course, it’s probably only a matter of time before someone figures out how to change out the image on the earpiece making it fully user-changeable. They guys over at Complex are partial to a Space Invaders theme. What’s your poison? If you could slap any design on your bluetooth thingamawidget, what would it be?

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