Morten Andersen

We can thank our buds at joyengine for introducing us to Morten Andersen, a Denmark-based urban artist whose brightly abstract paintings are finally starting to pop up in U.S. galleries. Working from an intense obsession with color, Morten’s acrylic paintings blend shapes, lines and colors into works resulting in something much more emotional than classically abstract artwork — a characteristic that appropriately demonstrates Morten’s own relationship with his occupation. I haven’t had the opportunity to see any of his work in person, but if you’re an east coaster you’ll find some of his work at Art Whino in DC. West coast residents are currently at the mercy of Morten’s website and myspace page, but rumors of a joyengine opening are flying, so keep yourself in the loop here.

+41: Hubble 242 Serie: Starry-Eyed Surprise

We just can't get enough of Swiss based designers +41. Every time they come out with a sweet new design we get stars in our eyes and feel compelled to sing their praises. Their latest creation gives us a double dose of that starry eyed excitement. The Hubble 242 Serie, designed for Swiss skateboarding stalwarts Miguel Alzate and Micjky Iglesias, honors the duo with a pair of shirts and matching skateboard decks adorned with images akin to that which one my see while looking at the universe through the Hubble Telescope"¦making for a design that is truly light years ahead of its time.

Jesse Hora x Adidas

Spear Collective member and pal Jesse Hora has been hard at work creating some great illustration work for Adidas, and if you live in one of twelve major US cities, you’ll finally have the have to opportunity to check out some of Jesse’s work up close. In fact, it might be tough to get away from it, as his artwork will be covering everything from walls to bags and holiday boxes. Each Adidas location, which includes stores in places like SoHo, Berkley, Miami and Chicago, received a different grouping of illustrations, making each stores design a little different (and making Hora one busy guy). Check out all of his illustrations here.

Plastik Online Store Opens

Sao Paulo’s premier toy art store Plastik, whose second-floor exhibit space I really love and have written about before, has gone virtual with a splendidly complete online shop stocked with the models that collectors in the most remote parts of Brazil can’t get so easily get their hands on, as well as the very works from former Plastik Gallery shows. While internationally recognized toy lines like Munny and Gloomy Bear make up the majority of the offerings, cute, stuffed national entries from collectives like Amonstro and Ash star "” under an exclusive deal with Plastik, even "” in the handmade category (pictured) and take over another separate artwork section. In fact, Plastik’s one of the strongest toy art vehicles promoting emerging Brazilian toy art makers. Rev up that armchair and travel to the site to get a cheap peek at the art form’s evolution in Brazil and spend the money you saved on airfare to pocket some goodies instead.

Tom Judd for Burton

Although this is old news to Spear Collective comrade Tom Judd, who did the illustration work for this Burton collab nearly two years ago in the Summer of ’06, and was subsequently sworn to secrecy, it’s new news to us. This 2008 Burton GTwin deck has ‘Tom Judd’ written all over it, although the top sheet was censored a bit to — I’m guessing — scale down the loudness to comport with traditional Burton style. At any rate, whenever Mr. Judd fancies splattering his ideas on a canvas — no matter what type of canvas — we like it. This deck is ladies-specific, so rejoice Tom Judd groupie-snowboarder-chicks!

Ricoh GR Digital I/II

You may remember my post way back when about the Rolleiflex MiniDigi when I mentioned that I was on the lookout for the perfect pocket camera. Well, up until yesterday, I hadn’t actually acted on that. I waffled back and forth for quite a while because the camera I really wanted, the Ricoh GR Digital was a wee bit out of my price range. I’ve lusted after a GRD since reading a write-up on it in JPG Magazine about six months ago. It’s basically described as just about everything I want in a pocketable digicam: full manual control, small and inconspicuous, and it takes very unique images that have been compared to the Holga.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Ricoh released the newest version of this cult-followed camera, the GRD II. Having stumbled into a little gift money — and besides, what are the holidays if you don’t spend a little on yourself too? — I decided maybe it was time to bite the bullet. I read, scoured reviews, compared shots, looked at prices, etcetera, figuring I’d end up with the newer GRD II. But after reading enough reviews that said the GRD II lacked that “something special” found in the original GRD, I took advantage of the sale prices on the older model. So, my new baby is on the way; be on the lookout for some new shots in a couple of weeks.

Oh, and feel free to let us in on what you’re treating yourself to this year…

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