Singapore Flyer

A few years after its groundbreaking, the ace-looking Singapore Flyer has finally opened to vertigo challengers this week and I’m betting that Josh will be the lucky first among us here to ride it. A ferris wheel that wins the use of all superlatives, the Singapore Flyer is a monster-size observation wheel that towers 42 stories high, an important distinction the promo material likes to point out as 30 meters taller than England’s London Eye so why-don’t-you-stop-the- comparisons-already. Glass capsules each holding 28 passengers are affirmed to be a half-hour experience free of any palpable vibration or movement while riders enjoy a view of Singapore that looks into Malaysia and Indonesia. The company suggests renting an entire capsule just for yourself and your friends, and while you’re at it, might as well get married in it too (and uh, can you say Mile High Club?) . They also recommend the capsule as a prime place to hold business events, so I’m passing that very, very good idea on: Josh, how about arranging our next editorial meeting in one of these? I’ll bring the donuts and boba.

Friends With You x Zune Arts: Tickle Party

When we last caught wind of the whereabouts of the FriendsWith You gang, they were having their characters fashioned into Mimobots conveniently available by Valentine's Day. However, now that the magical day is upon us, the Miami-based Art Collective has set have set their lovable scamps loose on the Zune Arts page in a short entitled, “Tickle Party.” The film "a unique blend of stop motion, puppetry and assorted 3D elements,” showcases the adventures of a duo of white fuzzy friends as they climb a beanstalk and befriend a sad ruby-crying monster to the tune of Santogold's “Say Aha.” The music complements the song so perfectly that we doubt you'll be able to hear the song from now on, without wanting to watch this irresistible video.


Since my puppy, Piper, has spent the past six months doing very little other than eating, pooping, and growing — more specifically, growing from this to this — I gave up on buying her sweaters a long time ago. That all might change now I’ve spent MODRuff‘s collection of moulded rubber dog coats. Available in five styles from the femme to the totally badass, my only problem with these will be making up my mind which one to buy.

Via PupStyle

Radiohead: In Rainbows Remixed

Great music inspires great re-interpretations and much like Danger Mouse‘s critically-acclaimed mix of Hova’s songs was the last one that stands out in my mind. Heralded by many as the album of the year, Radiohead‘s “In Rainbows” has been out now for four months now and it seems ripe for a remix. Oakland DJ Amplive teamed up with industry heavyweights such as Del the Funky Homosapien and Too $hort to release an eight track album celebrating Radiohead. After fighting a cease and desist, the online music community can download the Rainydayz Remixes (legally and for) free. Grab your copy today.

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

While Valentine's Day is already shaping up to be hefty dose of hugs and snuggles for a good portion of the locals, some of us would rather a nice dose of the black humor to warm the cockles of our cold, cold hearts. If you count yourself as one of "˜us" then look no further than Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre, the extremely twisted set of images from Wilhelm Staehle that are so funny that maybe you shouldn't laugh. By combining a use of vintage colors with a biting sense of comicality to display a world, in which bears devour children and infants are challenged to checkers matches to the death, Mr. Staehle has created something so wrong it has to be right.

Via Design*Sponge

Tale of The Tape

Here in America we like our duct tape to do all of the talking by doing its job. We don't adorn it with packaging pretty designs. We just like no frills brown cardboard tape rolls to show our lunch pail mentality when it comes to the task at hand. Thankfully, the Japanese don't feel the same way. Our friends at PingMag have pointed out some ‘thrilling’ finds while employing the use of different brands of Japanese duct or gum tape. It seems that for quite some time Japanese manufacturers of the essential adhesive have managed to make their packaging into quite the artistic endeavor as evidenced by some of the photos supplied. They justify their artistic packaging by stating that once the tape is used up, all that is left is the cardboard. Without the fetching designs, users would forget which brand they used unless reminded by the eye-catching creations. We can't say we blame them for making duct tape that much more appealing.

Giggle Wrap

There's nothing quite like unwrapping a present"¦the anticipation"¦the thrill of that first tear of gift paper"¦and ultimately the disappointment at receiving a pair of socks or a Wii Game you already have, proving once again that it is ultimately better to give than to receive. More proof that's it's better to wrap than unwrap can be seen in the line of gift paper from New York Based Giggle Designs. Their Giggle Wrap, being sold at the MoMA gift shops, add a certain beauty to the art of wrapping presents by covering the decorative paper in tourist photos and “memories that aspire to bring something more personal, inspiring and emotional to the act of giving gifts.” While you revel in the aesthetic joy of wrapping that certain surprise in a grass at the park design, a birthday cake, or spaghetti and meatballs, don't be surprised when your loved one rips open that lovely paper and recoils in horror at that Milli Vanilli CD you thought would be a funny birthday present. Even if the outside is beautiful, ultimately it's what's on the inside that counts. Girl, you know it's true.

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