If Stanley Kubrick were to design a Murphy bed, this would be that furniture piece. This one comes to us from the good, surface area concerned Frenchies over at Décadrages. They recognized that one of the major problems of having a twin queen-sized mattress on your floor…is that you have a queen-sized mattress on your floor. The solution: BedUP, a retractable bed that saves about 12 square feet of space in your apartment. The bed is raised an lowered by hand on gliding elevators, and can be stopped at the desired height (so your ottoman won’t become a pancake). It also has the option of having a light element in the bottom, making it a functional part of your ceiling as well. Guess it’s time to finally chuck the racecar bed.

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Court/Class is in Session

More kids today know more about Knicks guard Stephon Marbury than are familiar with the landmark decision in the 1803 case of Marbury vs. Madison. While both of them have something to do with a court, I'd venture to say that the latter is more important as it helped outline the concept of judicial review as it applies to our court system. Unfortunately, to plenty of children watching a game of basketball is more enjoyable than reading about history of the United States, but what if we pretended that history was a game of basketball and printed important facts on the back of jerseys? Maybe we could teach kids a thing or two while they were learning to play a zone defense. That seems to be the idea behind the Supreme Court line at Peek Aren't You Curious. The sporty collection features the name of a landmark case on the front, with the decision count and the principle outlined in the case on the opposite side. Here ye, here ye. Class is in session.

Poketo First Editions

We’ve always loved lifestyle product company Poketo‘s usable art goods, which began five years ago as a project to promote the artists they felt were right on the money through the creation of vinyl wallets with artists’ designs available to fans at accessible prices. It launched the company into a world of tees, household products and accessories. To ring in the relocation of Poketo HQ to Los Angeles, they’ll be putting on a kickoff art show called First Editions at their new digs in Little Tokyo. Twenty-five artists from around the world including Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Chris Bettig and Keith Shore will be showing off letterpress and giclee prints, all made in small quantity to up each piece’s special factor. Angelenos can drop by at 6 p.m. on March 22nd at 510. S. Hewitt Street, Unit 506 to give their new neighbors a warm welcome.

Design Indaba: 10 x 10 Housing Project Challenge

In 2008, for the first time in recorded history, fifty percent of the World's population will be inhabitants of the earth's urban environments. The dense population of these cities has created a great need for low-cost housing. The Design Indaba Conference, celebrating its tenth anniversary, recently launched the 10×10 Housing Project Challenge to promote the South African design community. The project gathered ten architectural teams, consisting of one South African and one international architect and asked them to provide cutting-edge designs for homes in the low cost housing region of Freedom Park in Capetown, South Africa, that would dispose of the perception that housing for the poor has to be dull and absent of innovation. Some pretty arresting designs by the likes of Tom Dixon, Shigeru Ban, David Adjaye, Thomas Heatherwick And Klein Dytham resulted from the project, but that's not the end of the story; the last step is for the ten houses to be constructed and for a users manual to be given to the Minister of Housing. The manual will ‘provide open-source prototypes for the future.’ Perhaps their vision of the future involves flying cars…a boy can dream, right?

Foster Farms: Transformation

Not since Frank Perdue and his poultry-looking family sold us on his “all natural” birds have we been so taken with an advertisement for chicken. Foster Farms has taken Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” ads (the he ones where models of all shapes, sizes, and skin conditions teach us about the trickery of Photoshop), and applied it to tasty all-white meat. The ad is cute, but to be honest, we’re not sure which we’d go for: the untouched sock puppet chicken, or the unappetizing brand logo at the end. Ah, what the hell…it doesn’t really matter as long as it goes in the deep fryer.

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More Airbed & Breakfast

Way back in October we told you about Airbed & Breakfest, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky's alternative to expensive San Francisco hotel stays for designers in need of shelter during last year's IDSA conference. Well, we're more than pleased to tell you that their coverage is expanding beyond the Bay area. The site that aims at connecting visitors in need of sleeping arrangements with like-minded inhabitants of their town of tourist fancy is now available anywhere anyone feels like putting someone up for a night, as long as that someone doesn't mind sleeping on an airbed and not receiving turndown service. Instead of sitting a hotel room alone checking their email all day, Airbed users get first hand knowledge of wherever they're staying from those willing to put up with their crap for a few days. Who knows, maybe a few people using the site will make a new friend, or even manage to turn an Airbed situation to a ‘share bed’ situation (wink, wink.)

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