New Leaf: Renewal

Spring is almost upon us, and with the warming of the weather we begin to anticipate the circle of life re-asserting itself. Flowers will bloom, birds will begin chirping and the trees will be full of color yet again after their wintry hiatus. It's a time for renewal, not only for Mother Nature, also for the aptly named Bay area based clothiers at New Leaf. The company started by artists Erik Otto and Deny Khoung as a way to offer the opportunity to express individuality in a genuine and purposeful way, is all set to release their Renewal line in concert with nature's renewal. Their latest creations will focus on water-related imagery that aims to ‘capture the imagination and inspire a deeper meaning.’ Their designs aren't the only genuine and purposeful thing about New Leaf. They also champion social justice and humanitarian causes by donating a percentage of sales to groups such as Feed The Children, International Justice Mission and the Red Cross — because Mother Nature can't do it all herself.

ASCII Code Curtains

In the days of yore, the tree of knowledge was located in the very remote Garden of Eden and the worst things around were a snake and an apple. These days we have a new tree of knowledge called the Internet, with an infinite number of branches housing an equal amount of sordid temptation and earthly delights digitally encoded for our viewing pleasure or penchant for debauchery. It's this ever-expanding tree of information which serves as the inspiration behind Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy's ASCII Code Curtains. Her unique curtain design utilizes the common language representing text in both computers and other communication equipment to create a super sweet geek chic rendering of the new tree from which all knowledge is shared.

Via Freshome

Field Notes: Redesign + Goodies

To match their philosophy that yes, you can conquer the disarray of notes written on scrap paper spread all over your desk, in your bags and pockets (hello, that’s me), the brainiacs at Field Notes went on an organizing binge for the redesign of their site to include more information dispersed into different sections, including an updated blog that spotlights a vintage memo book, an Idea File area and links to publications obsessing over them. Field Notes caused quite a hubbub last year when they debuted their retro-looking notebook modeled after the practical format of old agricultural record books, which uses a graph-paper design. Until Thursday, you can get one three-pack of Field Notes for free if you order at least four with the code ONEGRATIS. Each pack comes ready for a flurry of productive note-taking with pen, pencil and other surprises they don’t reveal.

The Mentorship

I'm a tad bit afraid of even mentioning a certain Tom Cruise-related church in this post for fear of perpetuating my own disappearance. Perhaps my cojones aren't as big as the folks at Barkley, the Missouri-based ad agency who in efforts to promote their Summer 2008 internship program or ‘Mentorship’, created a sublime send-up of those who bow at the altar of L.Ron. Their star-laden site features a video testimonial trumpeting the "good cult" atmosphere at their agency and the virtues of their leader B.Doug Brooker. Ultimately the goal of the site is to recruit some brand new talent to their advertising cult who'd like to achieve a whole other level of understanding what the advertising game is all about. We just hope Tom & Company don't take this the wrong way, and we never end up hearing from the brilliant folks at Barkley again. Did we mention how much we loved A Few Good Men?

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