Hulger: The DJ Adaptor

Hulger — the London-based old skool phone masters (and MOMA exhibitors) who take your basic clunky ’70s handset and connect it to your sleek ’08 mobile phone — have not stopped retrofitting our lives. Behold! The spankin’ new DJ adapter. Now you can take your P*, PIP*, or Penelope*Phone handsets to the club in lieu of headphones (seriously, you’re only using one ear anyway.) Hello? Yes. It’s for you. Something about a kick-ass DJ set that going to burn this mofo down? Pretty sweet.

ISO50: Northern Lights

Scott Hansen (aka ISO50) has been a favorite of ours for a while. The man is a triple threat — and in the awesome way, not the Broadway er, way. This month he premiers a new print, Northern Lights, under the ISO50 label. It has mountains. It has elk. It has the seal of approval from Computer Arts magazine and K2 snowboards! Why aren’t you purchasing this limited edition signed print? Also up for the visual designer are a few gigs from his music project Tycho; if you’re an Austin native (or just couldn’t find a flight out after South by Southwest) you can go down to the Mohawk on March 20th and stand there as he fills your earhole with lush, inspired music.

EtsyFound: Bringing The Zoo Home To You

There aren't many more fun activities for all ages than going to the zoo (okay, maybe bowling). Unfortunately after you pay your admission it's kind of a crapshoot. Sometimes the tigers don't really feel like hanging out or the llamas are feeling especially spitty. If only there was a way to bring the magic of the zoo into your own home minus the unpleasantness of not knowing whether the monkeys will spend the day throwing their own ‘materials’ at you. Well now there is"¦and it's not the Discovery Channel. Portland based Photographer Elizabeth Soule has created an adorable collection of animal-themed prints with ‘The Little Zoo.’ Her photographs feature miniature plastic Zoo animals in settings that are anything but their natural habitat. Whether you end up getting the little deer next to the cupcake or the mini-elephant on a map, these creations, available at the e.soule Etsy store, bring the zoo home to you.

Alex Hornest

Brazilian artist Alex Hornest, or Ornesto as he’s otherwise known by his street name, is a different kind of artist than the others I’ve been sharing with you lately. A rooted legend in this country’s street art scene, Ornesto’s just released a book of drawings with another street artist, called 100COTIDIANO . Rojo Magazine is dedicating its art space in Sao Paulo to his work starting tomorrow at the Livraria Pop store in a show called That Isn’t Easily Found, which will show Ornesto flexing his artistic muscle on found materials, from sculpture to paint works. I’ve always liked his drawings, but will find his mixed-media stuff equally as thrilling if it all looks like what you see in the photo. The theme of this show revolves around his heroic task of sorts: to save and remind the public about basic human values such as sincerity, generosity and friendship. Simple, but we need someone to put them in our face once in a while. The show runs through April 19th.

Option-G Limited Edition Longboard

With spring upon us — oh glorious spring — many of us will be looking to shift our modes of transport from bus/auto/train to the likes of bicycle/skateboard/Razor Scooter. Since I’ve ruled out Razor Scooter for obvious reasons and have 2 flats on my bike, I think this limited edition deck that Cole Gerst from option-G designed for Affirmed Artes Skateboards will do just fine. These are limited edition decks, signed by Cole himself, and cost $250 (which isn’t too bad for such a astute piece of mobile art). Hang it on the wall, ride it on a flat surface, or ride it on a steep surface — just ride it! They’re available on the option-G site, and with no mention of available stock, you’d best get to it. You should also have a look at Cole’s new designs in the t-shirt department.

Braun Woodline

If you're like us, you like to relive your childhood fantasy pretending you're one of the Knights of the Round Table. The problem is Sir Galahad has let himself go quite a bit taking up entirely too much room and Sir Lancelot always brings too many buddies under the ruse of a strip poker outing. Naturally, your round table has started feeling a little too, well"¦cramped. You could always get one of those extendable oval ones, but Knights of the Oval Table just doesn't have the same ring to it. Luckily for you, French designer Phillipe Braun has developed the first line of new French roundtables featuring a patented design that allows for the table to retain it's circular shape when extended. The Braun Woodline, available in styles ranging from classic to custom to professional, has already made quite a dent in the design world, being named the Technological Innovation at Stars & Crafts in 2007 and collecting the Leonardo Da Vinci Prize at the Concours Lépine. Perhaps, more importantly, it's kept our childhood fantasies alive.

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