Andreas Nicolas Fischer: A Week In The Life

Though there’s been a lot of art inspired by government and political ongoings in the United States as of late, the impending election isn’t the only worldwide example of government policy affecting the artistic landscape. In Germany, the government recently proposed the telecommunications data retention act that would would require service providers to store connection data of all customers for six months, making the data available to law enforcement agencies. Plenty of Germans see this act as a breach of their privacy. One such German sharing that point of view is artist Andreas Nicolas Fischer, whose A Week In The Life data sculpture is a ‘three dimensional visualization of movement and communication made with a cell phone during a week roaming around Berlin’ made in response to the aforementioned act and the breach it constitutes. The sculpture was designed with the help of a specific software written for Fischer’s cell phone which accounted for his ability to keep track of the his longitudinal and latitudinal positions while roaming the city. The gathered data was then transfereed to a processing sketch which resulted in the final product that makes quite a statement both visually and politically.

Face It Sunglasses

There are a few moments in the never-ending ’80s revival that are positives to pop culture, I promise you. Like the comeback of Wayfarers, for instance, which have an addictive look-good-on-anybody aspect. While we strongly advocate digging through your brother’s closet for his old pair rather than pay some dude on eBay who already did the same, you still likely won’t find anything like these Face It Sunglasses. The frames change color with the light (hello, Generra Hypercolor!) and the handcrafted lenses have a flash-finish mirror printed with Xs, triangles or lines, which remind me a lot of the old Coca Cola sunglasses that are so coveted now. They’re $66 a pop, but because your girlfriend will be jacking these from you, get her to split the cost.

Sneaker Lover Pop-Up Shop

To say we’re a fan of sweet kicks would be an understatement, so we felt compelled to heed the call of “Sneaker Lovers Unite!” when we heard about the Sneaker Lover Pop-Up Shop being held at the Laforet store in the Harajuku section of Tokyo from April 21st to May 6th. While we didn’t immediately book a flight to Tokyo to check it out for ourselves we decided we’d do the next best thing and let you, the readers know about the sensational sneaker display. The store is a promotion being held by the KIKSTYO International Web Shop decorated with images of famed Japanese bikini pinup Aki Hoshino in sultry poses with sneakers as photographed by YONE. The shop itself will be selling exclusive collaborations with well known brands such as Champion, New Balance, and G-Shock, along with limited edition T-shirt with one of Yone’s aforementioned images of the bikini clad bombshell. If you find yourself in Tokyo, we recommend wandering over to the Sneaker Lover Pop Up Shop and show your love for your favorite fancy footwear…and if you’re so compelled pick us up a pair of something nice.

Uniqlo: UT Loop

Our DJ skills are far from scratchtastic, but that doesn’t really matter to UNIQLO. In an inspired marketing move, they’ve created the UT Loop, a site where you can create your own dub loop by manipulating some models / actors / concert promoters wearing UNIQLO gear and making random noises. After you lay down your perfect, Timbaland-approved track, you can get other site visitors to judge your sample. Don’t be surprised if this ends up on a Jamster commercial.

New Kohler: Karbon Kitchen Faucet

If you’ve ever had entire sink full of dishes, you know what a bother it is to maneuver your faucet around so that you have a suitable amount of space to apply hot soapy water. The horizontal nature of most faucets movement doesn’t allow for much latitude in terms of cleaning up. Thankfully, the folks at Kohler, one of the global leaders in kitchen and bath design and technology, have made fitting your dishes under the faucet a problem of the past. Their latest faucet design, the Kohler Karbon Kitchen faucet, was inspired by the design of both lighting and construction equipment possessing articulating joints and combines ‘functionality and performance of a pull down faucet, while also allowing the user to position and leave the sprayhead right where it’s needed,’ making all of your time spent applying elbow grease to your fine china a heck of a lot easier. While this particular faucet seems extremely practical, it’s also pretty easy on the eyes. It’s a truly unique piece of design work — and that works as well as it looks.

Zoo York x Owens: The Urbane Jungle

When Zoo York asked Mark Owens and Matt Owens to design six decks for their artist series, we knew we’d be in for some of their standard-issue graphical, collage-esque awesomeness. What we got, though, is seemingly more — a modern, quirky ode to New York City, the brand that asked them to participate and the riders themselves, each representing unique areas of interest: Architecture, Literature, Gastronomy, Art, Transit, and Tourism. We likey.

Via AthleticsNYC

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