Lucy and Bart's Body Bubbles

We’re quite used to what the human body looks like, but Dutch artist Lucy McRea and Bart Hess aren't satisfied. Instead of just getting some tattoos or piercings, the duo produced an art exhibition combining ideas of architecture, fashion and yes, the body, into photographs of people draped in colorful foam. Is this a possible clothing evolution or mankind’s future bubbly extensions? Though they claim the work has "no specific intention, other to make and metabolize," we believe Lucy and Bart definitely had a lot of bubble baths as kids. Take a look at their eye-grabbing images on their website and blog.

Stanley Ruiz: The New Organic

The first time we heard the words “warm organic material against cold steel” we began to romanticize about an afternoon trip to the gun range with Dirty Harry — which is rather strange seeing as we don’t consider ourselves the violent type. Thankfully, we snapped out of it when we saw those words were accompanied by pictures of Stanley Ruiz‘s stunning design collection entitled, “The New Organic. ” Taking his inspiration from improv music, Henry David Thoreau, and walking (a classic combo), Ruiz employed the rudimentary tools at his disposal. He hand-assemble raw elements like twigs and machined parts into an inventive collection of wares that manage to fuse craft and industry into something as simple as a necklace or a clock. If you want to get a peak at Ruiz’s creations, we recommend heading to the ICFF New York this week, where the Brooklyn-based designer will be launching The New Organic as part of the designboom Mart.

Hand-painted Keyboards

Most computer users express their individuality via their screen savers or personalized backgrounds. But GeekStuff4u realizes that the screen is not the only PC canvas with which to be creative. Their line of hand-painted USB keyboards turns your typing tool into a magical mural. Whether users would like their QUERTYs to be floating amidst a floral garden or simply have P’s and Q’s blinged out in gold, these keyboards are a welcomed makeover to something we stare at every day.

Aliph Jawbone 2

Frequent readers know that we’re big fans of the Jawbone since way back in ’04. It’s hard to imagine how Aliph could improve on an already solid product, but the Jawbone 2 sports a new design, a footprint about half the size of its predecessor, and improved noise-canceling technology (dubbed “Noise Assassin”) … RED TEAM GO, RED TEAM GO!

Looking back at the first generation product we only had a few criticisms. First, the package was huge for the size of the headset. Hats off to Aliph for trimming down the sexy lucite packaging to something a little more proportional and eco-friendly. Our second gripe was the beautiful but difficult to use ear loop. The second generation Aliph opted for a simpler leather-wrapped design that not only feels good on the ear, but makes putting on the headset a snap. Lastly, was the charger and USB cord. To be honest, the first generation version of these accessories felt like an afterthought. The wall plug was pretty ugly and the USB cord was difficult to detach from the headset. These issues no longer exist with the introduction of a updated charger and much easier magnetic USB cord.

Beyond that, you can really tell that Aliph took some time to analyze the old version and challenge themselves to make the new one even better. Pairing is enabled the first time the headset is powered up. Standby time has increased to a whopping eight days — though talk time has decreased to four hours from six. But, best of all, the sound quality is as crisp and noiseless as we’ve come to expect from Jawbone.

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Mais Soma #5

An interview with artist/local hero Herbert Baglione and a hardcore-turned-samba musician Kiki Dinucci are just two of the stories in the packed new issue of the Sao Paulo free bimonthly magazine Mais Soma from JoshSpear friends Kultur Studio. With a distribution of 10,000 in a city of 16 million people, you can guess copies disappear fast. The glossy is a superbly done publication putting alternative and lesser-profiled subjects in front of the public eye. Plus, they have the occasional international star, like Shepard Fairey, who did a substantial Q&A in the last issue. We know many of you (ok, so plenty of you) don’t live in Sao Paulo, but you can still watch special videos on their site via Somacast, and download previous issues as PDFs for digital perusal.

Speakerdog Returns!

We fell in love with the original Speakerdog — Ben the Illustrator’s creation that starts out as a piece of standard letter paper and with a few folds, turns into an adorable puppy — and now, there’s even more to love. From postcards to vinyl toys, you can enjoy Spearkdog in a variety of mediums. Via a series of frameable posters, you can follow Speakerdog’s adventures as he travels the world. Or you can show off your support for the cartoonish canine with four button collections. And, if you really can’t live without having your best friend by you day and night, Ben is offering a line of softies which make it easier to take your puppy friend for a walk. Although, if you’re at this point, you may want to pull back on the Speakerdog reins. People are starting to talk.

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