Bon Bon Kakku

Is your new apartment in need of that personal touch? Or maybe your old digs could use some sprucing up? Often times the urge to redecorate your living space can be met with a tireless quest for the right fabric design to craft curtains from or cover cushions with. But what if what your looking for isn’t out there — it’s inside of you. Instead of perusing pattern emporiums aplenty, perhaps you should be searching the depths of your design savvy soul for that perfect look. The folks behind Bon Bon Kakku believe that just because it’s available in stores, that doesn’t mean you should suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fabric shopping misfortune. The trailblazing net shop allows both aspiring and established designers to create their own patterns and put them on display, so that they may someday soon be obtained for your decorating pleasure. Every layout uploaded to the shop is voted on by the site’s users, and the highest rated ones enter the hallowed ranks of site’s very own online store. What are you waiting for? Get your designs in and make your apartment aesthetic a reality!

Mira Nameth

Mira Nameth is the type of artist who everyone loves. Her works are classic, drawing the attention of illustration snobs, my mother and everyone in between. It shouldn't be a surprise that she has worked with the likes of Coke, Absolut and Clinique. Her works often depict characters interlaced with floral patterns that bloom through the paper through simple details. She currently calls New York home, but has roots in Sweden and gained inspiration from Asia. Check out a really great interview at and her website for some really amazing stuff.

MAKR Wallets, Relaunched

One_Herring_Oil_Brown_Fr.jpg Mountain_One_Saddle_Tan_Fr.jpg Herring_Angle_Russet_Fr.jpg

I’ve been a massive fan and daily user of the MAKR wallets for a long time, literally first raving about them more than three years ago. I’ve been using the same One Wallet for about two years now, and it’s broken in and perfect — or so I thought. Wallet master Jason Gregory had to go and launch 12 new sets, making me extremely jealous of all the other cash-and-card carrying possibilities. Give these bad boys a look: simple, elegant, durable, timeless. Handmade by real people, for real people — all the materials are carefully selected, cut, laser etched in house. Congrats on an incredible relaunch Jason!

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The Graduate

From the moment the music faded in on the first track “Sit & Sink,” I knew The Graduate would be a breath of fresh air. Formed in 2005, the group is a collaboration between five long-term friends. Their music is described as mature pop-rock and I agree with that label. They’re edgy and you can rock out, but it’s still very listenable. If you like Simple Plan or Jack’s Mannequin, you may find them appealing. They have been featured many times on MySpace’s front page and on the cover of CMJ. Not about to rest on their laurels, the band has been touring extensively, playing over 200 shows in the past year. Their album, Anhedonia, was released last year but is being re-released this year to accompany their new tour, which starts on July 11th at the Troubadour in L.A. See you there!

Alice Wang's Sleep Inventions

We've had some good debates on this site. Alice Wang was responsible for a good one over her concept audio sticks. Just to be extra clear this time around: Alice is an idea fountain. Her products are concepts that hopefully will one day become reality, but at present, are just concepts. That said, she has invented a couple new projects that deserve some attention.

Perfect Sleep: a reverse alarm clock to be programmed for how long you want to sleep instead of when you want to wake up. Keeping with her ideas on sleeping and waking, Wang has come up with a Tyrant alarm clock, which steals your mobile phone and makes random calls every three minutes until you get up. Really bad news if you keep ex-girlfriend's numbers in you mobile phone. Head over to Alice's site to see some more sleep related and non-sleep related concept inventions.

Action Break Remixes EP x Cosmic Rocker

The stress of pronouncing the strings of consecutive consonants in DJ Sasha Crnobrnja’s name are easily remedied with a simple name cutting simple breaks. Cosmic Rocker’s Action Breaks Remixes EP explores a fun side of down tempo that plays like something between K&D Sessions and a less ornate take on Wagon Christ’s style. Stuff that may have had its finest hour at least a decade ago, but if you remember correctly (as I do), was totally head-bobbingly awesome. Just play track 2, “Tonic”– note a break you’ve heard at intervals from Brand Nubian to Vibert to Spank Rock, and try not to tap your sneaker. It’s gonna be hard.

Rod Hunt

You probably know Rod Hunt from his image "Change the World 9 to 5" that has floated around the Web and design world for a while now. While never slowing down, Rod has become an active force in the London art world and has a strong international base. Working with clients like FHM, The Observer, Maxim and Vodafone, the world is slowly being colored with Rod's retro-styled illustrations. Make your Monday a little more enjoyable and head over to his website or his blog to enjoy some bright and sunny robots, or a possible space toy come to life.

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