Gold, Silver Jawbone 2 Giveaway!


We gushed about the release of the Aliph Jawbone 2, but when it launched it was only available in black (as shown here on the right). It’s very stealth, but not sexy enough for some. The new Jawbone is a vastly improved product with a much smaller form factor, more comfortable leather ear loop, and the slickest charging dock on the market. Oh, and as you can see, they just launched gold and silver versions of the headset. And guess what? We’ve got one of each to give away to two lucky readers. Glitzy gold and sparkling silver — one could be yours very shortly.

Last time around we had you talk dirty, sweet, and trashy to win. This time, we’re giving them away to the best answer to the following question:

Who can find the cheesiest song, music video, or album with the word Gold or Silver in the title?

Post in the comments — whoever gets me laughing the most, wins.

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Been There, Haven't Done That

Fodor’s and Lonely Planet do an admirable job of helping first timers get around unfamiliar locales, but what about repeat visitors? After the obvious museums and landmarks, there are still plenty of cultural must sees and dos that escape our vacation radar. Le Cool publishing have found a way to bring all of the missing links of leisure to the attention of the jaded jetset. On the heels of their hometown “A Weird and Wonderful Guide To Barcelona”, the Spanish publishers have released four graphic guides: Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, and Madrid. They feature the work of top designers and insiders who find hidden gems in these Euro cities, and prove that while they may have been there, they might not necessarily have done that.

The Book of Surfing: The Killer Guide

If you’re planning on catching some waves while you’re sitting on top of the world this summer, you’ve got to know your fellow surfers’ lingo. There’s nothing worse than boosting through a barrel on your beavertail and not knowing what that means. Thankfully, A-Side studio has done a fine job putting together a guide to everything pantheon pipeliners need to know. The Book of Surfing: The Killer Guide combs the beach for all of the important tidbits of surf culture, covering everything from classic surf graphics to the tunes of Brian Wilson. It’s totally worth hanging ten for … or however much it costs.

Dropclock x SCR

Everyone knows by now that oil and water don’t mix, but have you ever stopped to wonder what happens when you combine H20 with a heavy Helvetica font? Word is it makes quite a splash. SCR, a subsidiary of Japan’s Tha Ltd. has put together a scintillating new screensaver entitled “Dropclock” that combines the two contrasting elements in super-slow motion and proves once and for all that merging this unlikely duo can indeed make for some captivating imagery.

Laser-Designed Skateboards

Eventually, we’ll get sharks with laser beams attached to their heads to fill our backyard pool. But until then, making “Pew! Pew!” sound effects will have to suffice. Not Damion Silver. This member of the Nu Artist movement has used his chaotic, layer-happy graphic style to design images for a wide range of companies — from Converse to Timex — but recently he created an intriguing personal project: laser-designed skateboards.

After creating boards the old-school way, Silver stumbled upon the technique of using focused light as a design tool. He liked the method’s clean and precise feel, so he found a partner and started working on his first deck. In about two weeks, he will be offering five decks, which all have the same essential design on different colored backgrounds, for $300 on

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