Made With Hands

Hand-knits are just the best. They usually feature soft, luxurious yarns, creative designs, and thanks to the humans cranking them out, each piece is often just slightly different. In 2004, sisters Calliste and Carissa Yeboah turned their passion for knitting, crocheting, and felting into more than just a hobby when they started selling handmade, natural fiber accessories under the moniker Madewithhands at London’s Sunday Upmarket.

Their homespun goods are now available through a range of shops (check the stockist link on their site) so you too can have them without having to trek to the market on a lazy Sunday. Whether you need a new crocheted bowtie, a colorful case for your laptop, or just a simple knitted tiara, we think you’ll find what you’re looking for.

And "¦ if you’ve got the skills, here’s the pattern for one of their knitted hats: Knit one, purl two is how it goes, right?

Submarine Records launches Noropolis

Talk about an open mind. Sao Paulo indie record label Submarine Records — the label that signed Hurtmold, the great post-rock type group we’ve talked about — announced the formation of their new artist management company Noropolis. They not only take care of biz for their own bands but bands that they’re just simply into and believe in. This includes one of my new hip-hop faves Elo da Corrente and instrumental metal band Elma, whose music is showcased on the site. Noropolis is a new concept built upon the roots of the music industry itself: Give people good music and they will listen (and buy). It also opens doors for unsigned bands that might not have an album in the works, but nevertheless have a rock-solid fan base that they’re trying to grow. This fertile ground is fresh.

PSFK Conference in SF

Do you like to spend your mornings discussing trends and inspiration while saving your afternoons to ruminate on creative ideas? Then the PSFK Conference in San Francisco sounds right up your alley. Following on the heels of successful conferences in NYC, London and L.A., the trendspotter’s fifth meeting of the minds taking place at the Fort Mason Center this Thursday July 17th and will feature some truly innovative speakers and panelists who run the gamut from NASA to The lineup is packed with Spear favorites like Amit Gupta and Jen Bekman. Bay Area readers, go forth and learn!

The Presidio Motel

Most motels across the country are unique reminders of an era in roadside elegance long gone. Their rooms are adorned by Bob Ross-esque landscape paintings and beds that vibrate for the small fee of a nickel. The Presidio Motel seeks to bring the American travel outpost up to date. Each of the recently relaunched Santa Barbara, California motel’s rooms break the cookie-cutter mold with distinct vinyl sticker art installations courtesy of Kat Trajano and Stephanie Mansolf, as well as stylish modern furnishings, adding 21st-century appeal to a mid 20th-century staple. If you happen to drive by on your way to San Francisco you may want to stop in for a stay.

Dexter x Shepard Fairey

We have a kind of man-crush going on with artist/illustrator/disco king Shepard Fairey. It’s no secret. But who would have thought that a marketing guy at Showtime would share our unrequited love? Dexter, the series about a serial killer killer starring Michael C. Hall (yes, the gay brother in Six Feet Under), is coming to the San Diego Comicon, and to get the word out Fairey was commissioned to create a poster. You may also remember that the Obey Giant originator recently lent his skills to another celebrity marketing campaign. And while there may be some of you that decry Fairey’s Madison Ave. turn, we’re just glad that he’s pimping a show worthy of his pimp slap.

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