Alice Cooper: Along Came a Spider

We love a theme album, especially one that comes from a verifiable master of macabre. Alice Cooper has been praised by Bob Dylan, Groucho Marx and The Flaming Lips for his style, and even if you don’t get down with thrashing rock jams, you’re bound to find his first record in three years novel. Alice strays from the Vaudeville stage show feel of his classic work and ventures into a modern horror flick. Along Came A Spider follows a charismatic serial killer named Spider, who wraps his predetermined eight victims in silk cocoons right after (this is where it gets freaky) removing one of their legs. What do you do with eight extra legs? Well, you turn yourself into a human spider, of course. However his plans are jeopardized by the emergence of an emotion to end all murder sprees: Love. Packaged with Cooper’s classic ‘shock rock’ sound, Along Came A Spider is all Alice and no filler.

Preview tracks on his MySpace page before the album is released on July 29th.

Eepmon XBox 360

Our friend Eric Chan (aka Eepmon) just sent us a scoop from Deutschland: XBox 360, the console that you are probably procrastinating with right now, are using E’s frenetic, acid-dripped designs in a new, multi-platform Austrian campaign. If we’re lucky there may be some A1-sized posters up for grabs in the near future. You can check out the details on Eepmon’s projects page, and the bigger versions of these luscious graphics after the jump.


The Style of Mad Men

Ever since Mad Men debuted we’ve been trying to pull off a slick 60′s ad man style. Either we’ve been wearing the wrong tie or we accidentally put on a trucker hat instead of a fedora, because it isn’t working. Thankfully the new men’s lifestyle site, Valet, has advice straight from the source. Their four part feature explores the style of each character on AMC’s hit show with the assistance of costume designer Janie Bryant. The article takes a look at which current designers are taking their cues from the fads of post-war America, and even lists vital accessories and tips to help you dress the part.

via Valet

New Site for Nonesuch

We’re all fans of Nonesuch Records, the label of Wilco, The Magnetic Fields, The Buena Vista Social Club — David Byrne! Their site got a recent overhaul by Sisu and branding partner Axiom Design communications, where improvements like new Flash driven media, a “Thinkmap” of roster artists (more Flash gymnastics), and repositioned feedback boards were implemented. And while we’re happy for the label and all, what was kind of interesting was taking a look at the case study behind the site. Throw on a little Brian Eno and read up on what Sisu believes a successful music site should be.

Perch School Desks

We recall spending a lot of time slumped over our desk at school in a position that didn’t exactly prevent scoliosis. But there’s hope for the kids of today and their spines. Simon Dennehy’s MA Industrial Design project for NCAD set out to design school desks with ergonomics in mind. The result is Perch, a marked improvement over the desks of yore. Lord knows if you’re going to be sitting somewhere for seven hours a day, you should be comfortable (and have a cupholder).

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