Interview: Tokidoki's Simone Legno

Karmaloop TV continually points its cameras in the direction some of the most influential design minds in the world. This week is no different as they sit down with Tokidoki’s founder and creative director Simone Legno. In the exclusive one on one interview, Legno offers a glimpse at the brand’s history and explains the influences behind his creations. Viewers will also get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming characters and products slated to make an appearance rather soon. Check out the interview and see what all of the fuss is about.

via KarmaloopTV

Hint Water: Relaunch

Hint Water in honeydew-hibiscus is by far the most refreshing thing I've had this summer. The flavored water has debuted a new bottle design, as well as four new tastes: honeydew-hibiscus, blackberry, hibiscus-vanilla, and watermelon. Not only is the new packaging a huge improvement over the old design of awkward rounded bottles, but it seems that Hint Water is back with a vengeance. When Hint first debuted in yummy flavors such apple and pear, it was definitely appealing, but in my opinion the taste never lived up to the expectation. The revamped formulas make for a phenomenal product. Be sure to try watermelon. It masterfully combines all of the best flavors of the fruit, for those who like the juicy melon as well as the rind area. The new flavors are on limited West Coast release (and available online), but look for their full line of flavors at retailers such as Whole Foods.

Good Wood 2008 "Give Back"

Alldaybuffet, Aww Sweet, and Good Wood are throwing a charity auction for the Stoked Mentoring Program. The 50 items up for grabs (which are currently on display at 3rd Ward in Williamsburg, Brooklyn until August 10th) feature deck designs from respected artists in the skate community like Mike Perry and Nathan Fox. Proceeds from the final sale price of each go towards the non-profit organization that coaches at-risk kids in action sports like surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. We’re on board with that. (Groan.)

Big Ticket Tuesday: Timbuk2 x Threadless

It’s time again for another edition of Big Ticket Tuesday. This week we’re featuring one of the items we were high on a few weeks ago: Timbuk2 by Threadless collaboration

THE PRIZE: You’ll receive one of the three T-shirt inspired bags plus the matching shirt.

THIS WEEK’S RULES: What’s in the bag? The first person to correctly guess one of the three items that Josh has in his bag (excluding bag components like straps, zippers, etc.) at this moment wins. Fast, simple, and totally random. And, one guess per poster. The winner will be revealed Friday.

Bruno Kurro

Bruno Kurro never needs to go back to the drawing board because that’s where he seems to be most comfortable. Kurro puts pen to paper, incorporating triangles for heads, legs without bodies, and hands with six digits into his pictures "” y’know, that kind of wacky. But Brazil being Brazil (meaning people are super open-minded about art here) being a bit off can land you major newspaper commission gigs — plus an MTV Magazine job or two. I’m sure there is some deep meaning behind his style of work, but I prefer to take it at face value. Even if there are no faces on his characters.

Virgin Galactic: WhiteKnight II

Today, Virgin Galactic, the newest arm of the Virgin Group, rolled out the WhiteKnight II (WK2) mothership at the Mojave Air and Space Port and we had a chance to be a part of it. Guests checked in at the south hanger at LAX and were taken to the desert on a new member of the Virgin America fleet, aptly named “My Other Ride Is A Spaceship.” When we landed, we were taken into the Scaled Composites hanger where we were introduced to an all-star cast including lead engineers, Galactic pilots, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, a local Congressman, and fire and police chiefs. All of sudden a loud female voice started counting down and the hanger doors parted. The bright California sun shone through the white curtains and, as you are about to make out the shape of a plane, they dropped unveiling a large, unique looking aircraft. Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson and aeronautical pioneer Burt Rutan are hanging out the windows waving at the crowd. They held a fun Q&A panel which reiterated Virgin’s goals for developing space travel — namely, advancement in space travel must be started in the private sector and Virgin hopes to be the catalyst to spur more development with the launch of Galactic. Here are some fun facts about the new spacecraft and program:

  • WK2 is the first 100% composite aircraft (including the control cables, using a proprietary design), which makes it lightweight, more fuel efficient, and safer. No bolts are required and fatigue is not an issue.
  • Though WK2 can fly and launch SpaceShipTwo (SS2) higher in the atmosphere, the air up there is so thin that it’s difficult for SpaceShipTwo to get the lift it needs to reach sub-orbit. So instead, it will launch SS2 at the same altitude WK1 did, which is about 48,000 feet.
  • They are starting a pilot exchange program where select Virgin America pilots can enter a rigorous training program and fly for the Galactic group.
  • Lucky members of their frequent flier program, EleVAte, may win seats on a future Galactic flight
  • The main spaceport will be in New Mexico, with talks of new locations in Sweden, Spain (Barcelona), northern Scotland (British airspace), and Australasia.
  • The captive carry capabilities of WK2 are improved over the first iteration, theoretically allowing it to carry a pod that could launch a traveler to the moon.
  • The passenger cabin for SS2 is very large to allow passengers room to move around. It currently has eight seats (two pilots, six passengers) but could accommodate two additional riders.


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