Electronic innovations in art, technology and music collide at Minitek, a festival opening for the first time in New York in mid-September. The music roster boasts Richie Hawtin along with a number of lesser known acts who carry the punch of abstract innovation in their work. The technology component of the festival includes installations such as Vallis & Hochenbaum’s ‘Roots’, which is nearly impossible to explain without seeing. Minitek is bound to have things that make you smile and say “sweet” around every corner. Check out the website in the days leading up to the September 12th opening to find out the venue, which remains a mystery thus far.

Smash Magazine: Humanclock

You’d think that with the trend of checking our cellphones for the time rather than our wrists, that the art of telling time has become lost. Though this may be the case day to day, there are groups of creative people out there that know that time defines all parts of our lives, and they sure have interesting ways of displaying it. Smash Magazine recently rounded up their top ten listm and on it you’ll find time displayed on Fed Ex boxes to random Flickr images. My favorites are the Word Clock and the HumanClock, both of which are simple in their foundation but thought-provoking enough to keep you around long enough to see minutes flip by.

Blotto Photto x (UP)Rising Sonz!

Snowboarders often migrate to the skateboard for the summer. The guys at Blotto Photto are no different — except they also document their efforts with soaring photographs and websites. Summer is about to end and they’ve got some new things to show from their skateboarding season before booking their snowboarding trips. Check out their new website featuring some amazing photographs for skating/snowboarding. If you were a fan of the 28 Days of Winter book we blogged about about a year ago, its the skateboarder’s turn with (UP)Rising Sonz! The book captures the excitement of first stepping on a skateboard photographs of the sport and the culture.

Hello Beautiful!

Art exhibits don’t grow on trees. No, a lot of hard work goes into putting them together. Such is the case with the massive Sol Lewitt retrospective opening at MASS MoCa on November 16 of this year. One hundred of the artist’s wall drawings are currently in the process of being re-created on nearly one acre of wall space in an abandoned mill building on the MASS MoCa campus personally chosen by Lewitt prior to his death in 2007. Charged with the monumental task of bringing the works of the multi-floor installation to life are 24 of the senior assistants who worked with Lewitt, as well as a collection of 30 students from Yale University, Williams College, North Adams’s Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, and a few other schools. To get a unique sneak peak at the progress of the exhibit, you can head over to Hello Beautiful where there’s quite the inside scoop on the whole affair.

eBoy x ROJO Book

eBoy is everywhere. If you’re a geek, you saw their poster for MakerFaire. If you like beats, you picked up the latest issue of BPM. And if you collect toys, you have an opinion on their Peecol figures. Now eBoy has teamed up with JoshSpear favorite ROJO for the production of a limited edition monographic book entitled Schmock. The 160-page book contains photos and art in the eBoy style. You can pick up a copy for 30 Euros, or indulge in the bookpack where you get all four “new edicions” (Clayton Brothers, Veljko Onjin, eBoy and Robert Hardgrave) for the price of three. Have a look at the rest of the ROJO shop too. Toy fans may want to pick up copies of the mongraphic books by Dalek, Friends With You and Jon Burgerman. All ROJO editions are limited to 500 copies.


Tokidoki x Fujitsu Laptop

Tokidoki, the Italian lifestyle brand with the Japanese name, has just ventured into laptops. Simone Legno‘s Cactus Friends and Moofia characters are easily recognizable gracing the top of Fujitsu’s new LOOX U series ultra-mobile PC. Let’s face it, anyone who is shopping for this ¥123,800 (about $1100 USD) Japan-exclusive UMPC are doing so for the tokidoki branding. To that end, people who purchase the laptop will be rewarded with a 1GB tokidoki USB drive, stickers and an original T-shirt. Check out the product page (in Japanese) here.

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