The cold days are fast approaching, and while we’ll ultimately be thankful when the heat kicks in, the last thing we look forward to is the massive energy bill. Keeping tabs on the thermostat has become a necessity nowadays with energy at a premium, but sometimes that temperature managing device can be too confusing to fiddle with. Thankfully, Ecobee has ironed out all of the kinks with their very own version of the integrated intelligent programmable smart thermostat. Their WiFi enabled touchscreen (it resembles an iPod) makes being green easy with a quick save button that automatically sets your system to conserve. If you’ve forgotten to lower your heat after you’ve left your home, you can also login online and tinker with the settings remotely, which might come in handy if need to freeze out an unwelcome houseguest.

Hunting with Palin

Though we might find this hard to fathom with all the hype right now, in a couple of weeks, hopefully Sarah Palin will be forgotten. Completely. So while she’s still relevant, we’ll let Atom help us enjoy her quirks with a game simpler than their previous election spoofs. Hunting with Palin is exactly what it sounds like. If you remember being able to handle hunting in The Oregon Trail, you’ll be on this for hours. And you’ll never have to ford the river.

Meninos Hard Drive Cases

If that external hard drive is looking a too much like … well … a hard drive, Brazilian design company Meninos’ hard drive cases might be the color you need add to your other desktop. Made in acrylic, these cases are wrapped in a vinyl overlay in a rainbow of designs, from Brazilian standards like iconic snack packaging to the more world-recognized Kiss and special Villains imagery. They come alone or packaged with hard drives up to 500 g’s. Meninos also takes custom orders too; just upload how nutty you want your case to look and you’ve got a new, personalized desktop.

The Conversation

The university that brought an idyllic vision for peace and love will be helping host The Conversation, a series of sessions about visual storytelling and distribution this Friday and Saturday. Filmmaker Tiffany Schlain and CinemaTech blogger Scott Kirsner have partnered with the good people at Berkeley’s Center of New Media to discuss the future of independent film, TV, and online video. Efe Cakarel, from the cinematic fan club The Auteurs, will be presenting on “Media Shifts from Push to Pull, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Facebook” if the social web is more up your alley than green screen and video puppetry presentations. Drinks to follow at local pub Beckett‘s with independent film finance network IndieGoGo.

2009 TED Winners

Technology Entertainment Design has once again put the challenge to their community to become modern-day genies.

The 2009 TED winners include oceanographer Sylvia Earle, SETI researcher Jill Cornell Tarter, and the founder of a Venezuelan children’s orchestra, José Antonio Abreu. Not only do these humanitarians receive $100,000 for their efforts, they get the far greater prize of getting one wish. There’s no Aladdin, no Robin Williams — just a room full of bright and capable innovators listening to three ideas that will better mankind. The next TED convention takes place February 5th, 2009. Expect a little magic.

Zombifie Six

“Now it’s time to get zombiefied!” Thanks alien sex fiend, we couldn’t agree more. So, in time for Halloween, we present these undead creatures that you can enjoy within minutes from reading this post! Print out the PDF of the Dude, the Bopper, the Grumm, or one of the three other meanies each designed by a different artist and get building. We plan to customize ours, and we invite you to do the same. Send us pics of your work!

via ThunderPanda

Lupe Fiasco x Converse Chuck Taylor Low

The Anakin Skywalker of hip-hop, Lupe Fiasco has remained steadfast in his position as one of the most mature artists in the game. Rather than signing on the dotted line for every endorsement that comes along (excuse him for the Reebok campaign), Lupe is making sound choices when it comes to who he is teaming up with. Recently, he joined forces with Dr. Romanelli to design a pair of flashy patent leather Chuck Taylors as part of the Converse PRODUCT (RED) line. I have to give credit to Converse for promoting the cause and continuing to churning out stunners with industry heavyweights such as Lupe and Romanelli.

via Hypebeast

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