Freeman Transport

By now you should have already heard of Freeman Transport, the Montana-based (whoa – not Portland?) bike artisans building collapsible bikes for travel. The idea of flying to another continent and pedaling my way across the countryside has always intrigued me, and a collapsible bike would be just the ticket. Friends Benjamin Ferencz and Nathaniel Freeman founded the company in 2006. Their first models, simply named No.1 and No. 2 are track bikes with hand-built frames, a carbon or steel fork, and come packaged in a beautiful Billykirk leather and waxed-canvas bag.

Recently, airlines have made the dimensional limits for checked luggage stiffer and many cyclist are finding that bringing the factory box to the airport will no longer cut it. The way the Freeman bikes collapse means a hassle-free flight. They use a threaded lug, and bikes using this design have actually been proven to be stronger than traditional ones without the lug. Though they are trying to keep things simple, the options aren’t scarce. Finishing options (any color paint or powdercoat) plus a roster of industry leaders (Paul, Phil Wood, Campagnolo, Deda) means you can truly have a custom, high-quality bike when you travel. Though announced months ago, they’ve only recently become available — about the same time their new website launched. Keep your eye on the site, especially the news section, for a awesome collaboration in the works.

Cup o' TV

If you enjoy watching a little morning TV as you drink your first cup of Joe, the folks at Vizio think you might find it more aesthetically pleasing if you had a widescreen that complimented the best part of waking up. Their incredibly sleek-looking Java HDTV is available in both 32 and 37-inch versions. It not only looks great with cream and sugar, but also amidst the dark decorative scheme you’ve chosen for that TV room. You might want to reconsider an extreme room makeover that includes a lot of fine wood finish.

The Stylophone

You’ve always longed to make beautiful music, the only problem is sometimes the magic comes to you at the most inopportune times. If you’re the type who always has a synth-heavy tune in your head but needs to have a musical outlet at your fingertips, you might want to invest in a Stylophone from ThinkGeek. First invented in the late 60′s and utilized by music legends like Kraftwerk, Bowie, and Erasure, this PDA sized powerhouse has received an updated treatment. It allows users to flashback to the past with three retro organ sounds, an MP3 player to allow you to add some sweet sounds, and even bend the pitch with the press of a pen or a turn of a knob. Now you can compose your own mini-masterpiece. But if you start sounding like you’re retreading a Styx album we might just pry that thing from your cold dead prog-rock loving hands.

Martyr Lamp

With all of the hard work you put into going “green” you might consider yourself a martyr for the environment. But would you ever stick your hand in a socket if it meant consuming less energy? Probably not. Thankfully, that’s not your job anymore Brother and Sister Earth. Dane Whitehurst of The Play Coalition has eliminated the need for your eventual electrocution with his creation of the Martyr Lamp. This little energy saving buddy, created from standard lighting fixtures and a plastic sheet, would rather unplug his own life than see you plug in a wattage guzzling halogen lamp. He utilizes a single golf ball bulb that will stay cool, light up, and conserve energy at the same time.

Via DeZona

Mauvaise Influence

If you find yourself needing to express emotions using monosyllabic, four-letter-word flash cards or buttons, Mauvaise Influence has you covered. Do note however, that you are limited to either of two of the most fundamental feelings in the English language; Love and Fuck. We have to hand it to them for being direct, and allowing us to achieve the same quality. Started by trend-site developer Cedric Kray, the Mauvaise Influence’s designs include the evolutionarily dope Skull Origins T-shirt and a gold keyboard sans any kind of marking. Check out for more.


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