Beautiful Decay x Imagination Foundation

Never one to take a rest on cutting edge art, Beautiful Decay‘s online store now features a new line of tees in a spectrum of vibrant colors. They’re certainly not for the wallflowers. The collaboration with apparel designers and graphic visionaries, the Imaginary Foundation are sure to spice up your closet more than buying another solid-color shirt from American Apparel will.
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In less than a week you’re going to have to vote for a Presidential candidate. Unless of course you’re under 18 or not an American citizen, in which case you’re off the hook. Otherwise we expect you to be at the polls that day. In the meantime, take a listen to some of the soapbox-like rants and ravings of your fellow citizens on both candidates at Social42 and, if you’re so inclined, submit your own. They’re not all brilliant, and at least you can sort by tag. We all need a break from Rachel Maddow and Wolf Blitzer sometime.

Skydiving for Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift

If you’re a gamer you’re probably looking forward to the next installment of Motorstorm, Pacific Rift. If you’re a stuntman for their Dutch ad campaign “Air Raid,” all you’re looking to do is land safely on the ground. To create the ads, skydivers jumped from airplanes and dirt bikes and cars were digitally created in the post-production stage by the firm EightVX. Because, skydiving out of a plane is insane, but skydiving out of a plane inside a car is just stupid.

Sruli Recht x Bound Skarf

You may have heard … Iceland isn’t doing so hot these days. They’ve still got their gorgeous ice caverns, geothermal baths, and vodka bars, but their economy apparently needs billions to stay afloat. Help it out by picking up one of innovator Sruli Recht’s latest designs – the Bound Skarf. At over nine feet long and made out of ivory cotton and black wool, this lengthy accessory is sure to keep you warm even if you aren’t using the oven to heat your home … yet.

Gavin Strange and the JamFactory

Super one man design house Gavin Strange has caught our eye for his pumping fresh t-shirts, skateboards and these amazing little toys, Droplets. Droplets are little drops of high-gloss vinyl with personalities. They remind us of some character we created in Spore, probably of the vegetarian and social evolution chain. Each box comes signed with stickers and badges, but you won’t know which color you’ve got until you open the box. To make that magic moment of cracking open the box even more exciting some droplets are rarer than others, the black one is the hardest to get of all. Droplets like friends and for £5 friends are likely. Check out Gavin’s design house site (JamFactory) and his store for the Droplets.

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