The Pharcyde: Bobby Evans Mix

While the East Coast brought the original playful style that peaked in the mid ’90s, no one can deny the influence of Californian jokesters like the Pharcyde. Top notch production from names like J Dilla and Diamond D, along with rhymes about childhood goofs and sentimental nostalgia, made the first three Pharcyde albums staples in any respectable crate. Los Angeles’ DJ Bobby Evans gives us a killer mix containing original versions and remixes of great Pharcyde tracks on The Pharcyde: Bobby Evans Mix. Believe me, mixtapes these days can be pretty weak, and this is one that is unlikely to let you down.

At Last … The Beginning: The Making of Electric Ladyland

Forty years ago today, The Jimi Hendrix Experience released their third and final studio album, Electric Ladyland, an influential record that showcased style and skill that has yet to be matched. At Last…The Beginning: The Making of Electric Ladyland is a boxset containing the extended version of the 1996 PBS Classic Albums documentary about the record, as well as the remastered release. The package also comes with a 36-page booklet full of previously unpublished photos of a working band making history. Available today.

Panasonic’s Next Generation Talent

Panasonic is out looking for new talent, and they’ve turned to art colleges to borrow the eyes of the next generation of designers. Students were given an image toolkit and a brief of the product — the rest was up to them. Film, print … media of every kind was submitted. Now a small group of judges (full disclosure: I was one) have picked six ads that are ready to be voted on by the public. Starting now you can go here and see all six ads and vote on your favorite. The winner gets some pretty sick prizes. A full on Panasonic entertainment package (TV, surround sound, camera, video, blue-ray — everything), a week to work with Panasonic’s advertising team and some nice cash rewards for their art school. The students were picked from British art schools, but voting takes place worl wide and ends tomorrow night.

Core77 x Greener Gadgets Contest

It’s that time of year again — and we don’t mean time for ol’ fatty to come sliding down your chimney. This is a time for a fresh dose of innovative, eco-friendly ideas; time for Core77′s annual Greener Gadgets Design Contest. The competition asks everyone from design students to established firms to create products that speak to pressing environmental issues by working to decrease our carbon footprint, use energy more efficiently, or improve upon social or educational development. If you think you’ve got a concept that you’re confident will impress, just read the How To Enter details and get it in before January 15, 2009. All of the best entries will be posted online for public voting and the finalists will be judged live at this years Greener Gadgets Conference on February 27th in New York. The first place winner takes home a $3000 prize and the two runners up take home a nice $1000 bounty. Last year’s winner was EnerJar, a DIY device that “measures the power draw of electrical appliances.” So that’s taken.


As long as urban centers exist and people remain exercise and eco-conscious, bicycles will always be a preferred mode of transportation. But riding a bike with accompanying cargo can prove difficult. Lane Kagay, a former SF bike messenger was tired of not having a convenient way to transport large boxes, so he made one. The result is CETMAracks — his line of rigid, virtually indestructible front mounted steel bike racks handmade from his home in Eugene, Oregon. Built and designed by bike messengers, these babies are a marked improvement over rear mounted racks or handlebar baskets, causing absolutely no impediment to your steering mechanism and living up to the highest of standards for protecting precious materials en route to their destination.

Gift Guide: Audio

iSkin Brazil: Read JS Review | Buy It ($8)
Instead of choosing from the same old selection of iPhone cases, check out these mini pieces of artwork. Chances are it’ll be the most international thing in that stocking.

Coosh Headphones: Read JS Review | Buy It ($20)
These will be good for anyone who’s still rocking the headphones that came with their MP3 player. Best of both worlds: Ear-cup sound quality, ear-bug comfort.

Victoria EVO: Read JS Review | Buy It (Around $5400)
These speakers are hand-crafted, don’t require a sub, and (most importantly) pack killer sound quality. Just the way they look will make any audiophile faint upon unwrapping.

Samsung YP-P2JCB P2 8 GB Touchscreen Bluetooth Portable Media Player: Buy It ($180)
I’m sure you know someone like me who refuses to use an iPod. Whether it’s for technical reasons or just plain wanting to be different, Samsung MP3 gear is the best alternative out there, and this new one lacks nothing.

KRK RP5 G2 Monitors: Buy It ($150)
After extensive research and testing I bought a pair of the previous model of these monitors. They are the best piece of music gear I have ever owned. Then these new and improved ones came out. If your gift recipient works with sound, these are sure to please. (Note: These are the smallest of several sizes in this series)

Rane Serato Scratch Live: Buy It ($570)
I’m a vinyl loving DJ and I still lug my crates around. I’m waiting for someone to gift me this and change my life. Get it for someone who still uses records, even if they say they would never abandon their collection.

Korg Mini Kaoss Pad: Buy It ($150)
The price is just right on this fun little effects box for anyone who screws around with sound, whether they are serious or just want to record a trippy voicemail greeting.

14 Days of Chrismukkah: One Year of FADER

The Gift: A one year subscription to your favorite magazine about music, style, and general fabulousness as well as the last four limited-edition 7-inch singles.

The Rules: Lots of people gathered around a table one day (or so the legend goes) to come up with the name (the) FADER. If you had a magazine, what would you call it? Reply in the COMMENTS section for a chance to win. (Give Me A Free Subscription To FADER isn’t really a great title name, FYI) Only one entry per reader. Duplicate entries will be discarded.

The Deadline: The contest is open now through midnight on 12/11

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