We totally love Justin Gignac and his girlfriend Christine‘s work, all of it from the garbage collection to the WANTS and NEEDS paintings. After their trip to Las Vegas they are giving back a little. They’ve just put up a some new works or the holidays. If you are new to their style, they make very simple and literal paintings of objects that relate to charities. The price of the painting is the price of the object — i.e. a $100 donation to Habitat for Humanity for a painting of a front door to a home that cost $100. These paintings go very quickly because they tend to be priced quite well. If you happen to pick up one of their NEED paintings, you could give the painting as a gift and along with a note about the charity aspect … that’s a double gift!!

This year just to raise as much money possible, they have put three original works up on eBay for auction.
1. Home Sweet Home "” Sale goes to Habitat for Humanity
2. A New Toy "” Sale goes to Toys for Tots
3. A Good Meal "” Sales goes to Food Bank for NYC

If you can’t win the auction, there are some more prints that should be available soon.

Currency of Color

Tanner McAuley grew up in a unique environment. His godfather just happened to be Bob Guccione, Penthouse founder and renouned art collector. Surrounded by the works of masters like Degas, Picasso, Van Gogh and Dali, McAuley developed an appreciation for fine art and free speech. Both of those subjects contribute heavily to his knack for decorative flair displayed via the Currency of Color line of tees he co-founded with fellow curator Francisco Serrano. Each creation melds elements of classic works of art with more recent themes in the current pop and political culture landscape. One devilishly clever design takes aim at our nation’s current financial woes by borrowing a blinded George Washington from the dollar bill, sprinkled with some envious classical looking angels, and accompanied by the phrase “In Debt We Trust.”  The various emblazoned designs make bold statements while serving as wearable exhibits that truly serve as an example of a “modern canvas seduced by antiquity.”

The Minute Glass

I’ve never been much of a morning person. My snooze button and I have had a love/hate relationship for years. Sure, I get a few minutes of extra sleep, but I’ve often abused the snooze and ended up being late. The Minute Glass has an ingenious solution for all you snooze abusers. It’s powered by magnetic induction which occurs when you shake the clock, requiring no batteries or external electricity source in order to function. When the alarm goes off, you have to shake it and generate enough electricity for the device to function for another full day before the alarm will turn off. All that shakin’ is sure to wake you up. Plus, the clock also has a built in LED flashlight for all your lighting needs.

Via Unplugged


One of the worst feelings is showing up to a social gathering and seeing someone wearing the same shirt as you. Our friends over at MarkerTees has solved this travesty. They’ve just released a whole line of tees that let you use your shirt as a blank canvas. Each comes with a re-writable marker that allows you to experiment. When you want to change your message, simply throw the shirt in the wash and the drawing disappears. If you can ironically dream it, you can wear it.

Rubens LP

Brazilian illustrator Rubens LP must have done a lot of connect-the-dots drawings when he was a kid. But he must have had a few ideas of his own, because that’s what his artwork looks like"”a more elaborated and fresh version of this classic children’s activity. And definitely adult. From the naked girls to the more abstract pieces, Rubens LP’s curvy lines wander their way across the page in a wayward trajectory and end up giving off a flow as easy and free as they come. He’s also part of a studio team called FluxusCentral which does commercial work. Make the connect yourself and check out this deserving artist’s site.

Pretty Bitter

If Someecards and CNN’s T-shirt worthy headlines met, their love child might come in the form of gift tags that read “Get ready to fake excitement” and a white doily card with “Hot Mess” printed in fancy script. Enter Pretty Bitter. Their line of “stationary that pushes the envelope” includes self-adhesive opportunities for snarky messages. Depending on your giftee’s appreciation of “I’ll be brief” notecards that feature an illustration of men’s underwear, they could make a nice stocking stuffer (and one that’s available in Hanukkah blue).

Applause Machine

There are never enough people applauding your accomplishments. It’s kind of hard to rally a crowd to congratulate you on a job well done, even if that job is successfully taking out the garbage or getting that gnarly frying pan clean. Laikingland, a collaboration between British and Dutch designers, has remedied the lack of celebration for your littlest accomplishments with the Applause Machine, a pair of robotic arms that give you props the old fashioned way. This is a perfect gift for anyone feeling a tad unappreciated this holiday season, but act fast, last orders for Christmas have to be placed by December 12th.

Gift Guide: Music

Mos Def: The EcstaticBuy It
In addition to production by Madlib and Oh No!, there is a track on here produced by J Dilla, featuring Talib Kweli aptly titled “History”. A must have for any true school hip-hop head.

Flaming Lips: Christmas on MarsBuy It
A movie/album so weird and awesome that when you place it in any music DVD collection, it will battle all the others and arise as king of the shelf on Christmas morning.

Metro Area: Fabric 43 - Buy It
Sugary dance music is rarely this well-produced. The duo’s last album came out six years ago and I still hear it at parties. If you’re trying to ween your giftee off of the poppy crap on their iPod, sneak this one in there.

Justice: A Cross the Universe (CD/DVD) – Buy It
Just watch the preview and know that these are what rock stars from the future look like. Careful about giving this to any youngins, however. Not exactly PG stuff.

Squarepusher: Just a SouvenirBuy It
Jazzheads, bass players, fans of musique concrete, and folks into 80s New Wave will totally feel this; an intelligent yet accessible exercise in excellence.

Kid 606: Die Soundboy Die EPBuy It
Glitchy goodness that packs some heavy metal punch. A good gift for anyone who’s into the chaotic, abstract electronic stuff that’s still pretty danceable.

14 Days of Chrismukkah: Bustin Boards

The Prize: Would you rather bomb hills than countries? Skate or die? We’re serving up one customized Strike longboard from our friends at New Jersey’s Bustin Boards. It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure — if your adventure consisted of graphic, color, scheme, trucks, wheels, etc. This one comes with Randal 180mm trucks and Bustin Boca wheels, with an option to upgrade your prize for a little extra cash.

The Rules: In the COMMENTS section, name your favorite hill. (Blueberry, Hamburger and King Of are already taken). Only one entry per reader. Duplicate entries will be discarded.

The Deadline: Contest is open now through 12/12

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