Cut & Paste Contest

If you have serious design chops, here’s a heads up. Cut & Paste has just extended the deadlines for this year’s Digital Design Tournament. There are three areas for you to enter – 2D, 3D, and Motion Design for a chance to win killer software, and more. Once Cut & Paste selects the 48 winners from 16 international cities, they’ll fly them to New York so they can compete on a global scale and see who comes out on top.

Reed Space Shopping Spree Winners


Our pal Jeff has a nice little round up post from our Reed Annex Shopping Spree Contest"“ 74+ guesses later, there were a bunch of right answers, but only 4 winners were chosen. And 30 seconds each later, they piled all the best stuff they could get into one large shopping bag. Thanks again to the Staple crew for letting us rummage through their shop and make a big ol’ mess! Hat tip to the winners, congrats again!

Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland – "Aer OBAMA"

We’ve written about the music of Daft Punk, Barack Obama action figures and Daft Punk designer toys, but I never imagined I’d have the occasion to write about all three in one post. In the latest mashup of politics and pop culture, UK DJ/producer Adam Freeland remixes Daft Punk in a video animated by the progressive directing team, GOLD. The stop-motion music video is meant to function as a celebration to commemorate the upcoming inauguration of Obama as the 44th president of the United States. While plastic Obama makes an appearance, designer toy fans will be interested to see Qees, Be@rbricks and other mini-figures getting down on the dancefloor. How many items from your own toy collection can you spot in the video?

Sang Hoon Lee's Light Dock

Personally, we’ve always wanted an iPod dock that looks exactly like a bent staple. Haven’t you? Should it be put into production, not only will this little device help you have dreams of Office Space with its helpful bed light, the Sang-Hoon Lee designed device will also blast out your music while its speakers go unnoticed. What are you going to do, go buy the iHome at Target? Really. But, while you’re checking out the Korean artist’s work and waiting for this concept to become a reality, don’t miss another of his concept designs: a lamp in the shape of a coffee cup that pours out light through a little bendy straw. How cute!

Onitsuka Tiger x Tokidoki

Why mess with a winning formula? What’s good for ’08 is a good bet for ’09. Onitsuka Tiger has once again teamed up with the Japanese inspired, but Italian created brand Tokidoki in a sneaker collaboration. This time, two low-top kicks were created (in white and gray colorways). The shoes have classic Tiger styling with bright accents you’d expect from Simone Legno.  A lace charm and a full bottom gumsole depicting the characters adored by junior high girls and collectors everywhere round out the creation.

Via Formatmag

Tierney Gearon x Explosure

Let’s get this straight: there’s exposure and then there’s Explosure. Tierney Gearon’s newest exhibition relies on the old trick of double exposure to create some really surreal and amazing visuals. Pair that with the large scale photographs and its really an amazing body of work. A ton of the photographs are up at Designboom’s website, but if you are in London you should definitely check out the exhibition because the photographs are big — like huge big. They’re on display until January 27 at the Phillips de Pury auction house.

Via Designboom

2X4 T-shirt Sale

If there’s any time to say out with old and in with the new, it’s midway through January. Australian T-shirt producers 2×4 T-shirts have taken cue and are slashing prices on their current crop of tops. The clearance sale features designs by talents like Emil Kozak, Jeff Canham and Noah Butkus, for the minuscule cost of $10 AUD. Time to toss those ’08 shirts and and grab some discounted tops at the

Luigi Bormioli

If you are anything like us and get bored to tears sifting through websites to find the glassware you’re looking for, you’ll want to run over and plant a big kiss on the designer who created the Flash [Ed note: thanks Daniel] javascript design for Luigi Bormioli’s site. Instead of clicking from page to page, the entire array of Luigi Bormioli’s lovely fifth collection are displayed in silhouette at the bottom of the page. If you’re looking for a decanter, click on the image of the decanter and you’ll see the curvy piece in dazzling detail. Want a short mug? Click on that and an image and facts about the item will be displayed in the center of your screen along with the rest of the collection which you can then easily scroll through. We think you get the picture, but just in case, we urge you to check out his site. More websites should take our needs into consideration. Speaking of, where is our afternoon massage?

Oki-Ni x Timex 80 Sale

It’s hard to avoid drawing paralells between Oki-Ni (London) and the Parisian powerhouse Colette from across the pond. Both carry the most exclusive items, and though their collaborations are not as frequent as some other brands, they are always grade A. To celebrate the new year, they worked with Oakley for 50 exclusive pairs of the iconic Frongskin sunglasses. In addition, the Timex 80 (which we’ve mentioned before) is back with some new metallic casings. And finally, if you did not get a chance to grab some of last season’s wares, head on over now and save 50% off sale items.

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