Moses Nornberg x Soundboard

Throughout our childhood countless cassette decks and stereo components came and went from our lives. We imagine the majority of them, now somewhat useless, are piled up in some heap at the local landfill. However, since catching a glimpse of Moses Nornberg’s “Soundboard” installation in the latest issue of ReadyMade, we’ve begun to hold out hope that our trusty tape players and transmitters have found a better home. Nornberg‘s super stereophonic masterpiece features 180 nearly ancient stereo’s from the 1950′s to the 1970′s piled high in arresting fashion, proving that while old technologies may fade, art always finds a way to rescue that which is obsolete. “Soundboard” isn’t the only sonic wonder that Nornberg has created. The St. Louis-based artist’s creation is part of a larger collection of works entitled “The Audiophile Series” consisting of extra large, over-the top sound systems comprised of everything from turntables to trucks.

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Alternative Superbowl Logos

If we could change one thing about this Superbowl, it wouldn’t be the logo (how do you go 11-5 with a backup QB and not make the playoffs? How!?). But, we recognize there are creative people out there who just love rebranding tired American institutions. Ranging from the humorous to the minimalist, The New York Times put a few new graphic takes on Superbowl XLL: The Quest for an Audience on their site today. Some of the ideas clearly demonstrate the artists lack of football knowledge, others display time honored traditions like chicken wings. And one has The Simpsons‘ Professor Frink in it.


Veja sent us a sneak peek at their sizzling-new high-top SPMA model inspired by the fifth largest city in the world: Sao Paulo. It has an acronym that I’m totally feeling: “Sao Paulo, Mon Amour,” for the “electrical and improvised artistic creation of the Brazilian metropolis.” You’re already aware of Veja’s ecologically correct standards, and this one doesn’t dare detract from that philosophy. The SPMA’s made from what they call “ecological leather”, which has been tanned with acacia extracts, and the sole’s created from wild rubber tapped from trees in the Amazon. Check out those contrasting-color shoelaces. The SPMA goes on sale for $185 in March in 13 European stores. OKI-NI seems like the best bet to get your tootsies in a pair.



Gary Hustwit is an independent filmmaker, but probably not the kind you’re used to. For his directorial debut, he made a film about the typeface Helvetica. Now, it’s a beloved font and all, but a whole movie? Well, that’s the kind of guy Hustwit is. He’s also the kind of guy who was the VP of in 2000 and produced a heart-wrenching documentary film about what happens behind the scenes of a band on the rise — in his film’s case, the band was Wilco and the film was I am Trying to Break Your Heart. Nowadays, Hustwit is in the midst of working on Objectified, a film that takes a look at the creative work that goes into industrial design and how good design shapes our lives for the better

One EskimO

One EskimO is pretty much a children’s storybook where each chapter is a song and the illustration is brought alive by smooth, simple animation. The band’s sound is kind of the usual upbeat soft pop sound, but once you get the visual the entire concept becomes clear (and made quite an impression by winning a British Animation Award). The collection of 10 music videos tell the story of an Eskimo child and his band of animal musicians, which is composed of a drumming giraffe, a horn and bass playing monkey, and a penguin guitarist. Have a look at one and you’ll want to see the rest.

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