Beautiful Crime Treasure Hunt 2.0

This is a little late notice, but if you are in London and aren’t sure what to do tonight, how about wandering the city for art. In the same vein as Adam Neate’s street art give away, the art group Beautiful Crime is hosting their Valentine's Day MassARTcre. The basic idea is a massive drop off of canvases around central London, while people like you and me look up location clues via their twitter account. Some of the artwork that will be distributed can be seen here and here. Good luck and stay warm.

Inamo: Restaurant of the Future

You know what’s annoying about restaurants: waiters. They bring you the wrong orders, you can’t find them when you need them, and conversely they constantly check up when you don’t (no offense to any of our reader/waiters, we’re sure you’re terrific). New London restaurant Inamo is taking a technological approach turning everyone’s table into a computer. At Inamo, order food, change the color or design of the table, play battleship (which is amazing), check out what’s happening in the kitchen via webcam, request the waiter, pay the bill — everything can be done from your table that doubles as a computer screen. This isn’t Microsoft Surface, it’s a projection from above that doubles as lighting and visual effect.

The fact that our table was a computer was inspired, but by the time the food comes who cares right? Well the food was amazing, too. Get the black cod. As fun as it was to have a computer table, that was the highlight of the night. Hit the jump for a few pictures (via Johannes Kleske) of my visit there.


Global Shortlist Giveaway

It’s Valentine’s Day! You’re so f-ing sick of hearing that! But, it does give us a good segue (it’s sexy!) and nominal excuse (a gift for your Valentine!) to give away three copies of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith: The Global Shortlist that we featured last week. Of course you won’t actually get the copy by tomorrow, but like we’ve said before, what sweetheart doesn’t love the promise of a chance to get something at a later date? Comment below to enter, winners will be selected on Tuesday.

Layer Tennis 2009: Now Serving

A little over a week ago we gave you fair warning of the exquisitely spontaneous design event that is this season of Layer Tennis. The 2009 season kicks off this afternoon at 2 p.m. CST with a match between Interactive Designer Brendan Dawes and Threadless’s own Jeffrey Kalmikoff, a graphic designer with a bloodlust for branding. While we can feel the tension building, there are only two ways to watch the drama unfold: follow the action on Twitter, or get a front row seat at the official layer tennis site by investing in some free season tickets. For a preview of today’s match, check out John Gruber’s Match Preview.

McGrath's Bloody Valentine

Los Angeles-based artist Liz McGrath sets her “eye for the strange beauty in the grotesqueries of life” upon Valentine’s Day. Unto her collection of hand-painted miniature butcher knives, she has added two special editions for the holiday. The Personalized Heart Butcher Knife is a 4-inch rusted knife emblazoned with a severed heart and room for up to six personalized letters. St. Valentine the Vermin is a 4-inch rusted knife featuring a red mouse glitter dusted with crystal eyes. Both knives are hand-painted, signed by McGrath and come in hand-sketched gift boxes. These highly specialized gifts are available for $25 each until the end of February while supplies last.

Zion-I vs. Radiohead

Hip-hop duo Zion-I’s producer AmpLive had a hard time putting forth his RainyDayz Remixes project, facing a cease and desist because he failed to notify Radiohead and their label of the project. Since the dispute arose, Radiohead has OK’d the free release of AmpLive’s take on their music (lucky us!). The eight track album takes memorable samples from the stellar 2008 album for beats blessed by the likes of Del tha Funkee Homosapien, MC Zumbi, Chali 2na, Too $hort and more.

Design*Sponge: Weeder's Digest

For all you clueless — or potentially clueless — romantics out there who are looking to pick up flowers for your loved one, a guide to what they say is key. You don’t end up telling your lover you want friendship and not a wild romp on the kitchen table. Of course, these are only one florist’s interpretations, but we think she nailed it. And by the way, stop being a curmudgeon about Valentine’s Day. It’s not going to help you get what you really want: laid.

Behance x Ji Lee: Fun and Games

Ji Lee‘s absurd conceptual genius has, at times, confounded, astounded, and even caused us to double over with laughter. The man who whiles away his daytime hours as Creative Director of Google’s Creative Lab doesn’t really need much on his resumé after that. But when the evening whistle blows, he continues to create stellar work that sparkles with inventiveness and makes serious statements. We’re not sure we could sum up the awesomeness of his achievements. That’s okay though–because Scott Belsky of Behance has taken on the monumental task for himself. The article explores the Lee’s prolificness across many mediums and how his work hinges on the motivation of turning even his most sobering of projects into fun and games. To learn more about Lee’s mastery, we recommend taking a peak.

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