BMW Art Cars

In the mid 70s BMW began asking artists to paint their cars, getting the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Esther Mahlangu to turn racers into artwork. You can take a look at the art cars from 1975 to 1999 here. But now it’s 2009 and just splashing a 7 series with some paint isn’t quite enough. So Robin Rhode got the idea of painting with a car. Using BMW’s new Z4 Roadster he choreographed a run across a giant canvas, while he used remote controls to distribute paint on its tires from a tower 30-feet in the air. I vaguely remember having a similar experience in kindergarten involving my Hot Wheels and a couple of bottles of paint. Also, if you are in New York, head down to Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall, (87 East 42nd St.) to check out four of the art cars and the full 30' x 40' canvas of Robin Rhode’s work. The exhibition runs from March 25 through April 6 and is free to the public.

Sean Tubridy

It would be a sin of omission to call Sean Tubridy a photographer when he's in fact a publisher/activist/graphic designer/salesman. And by salesman, we mean the "stuff" he sells, that includes screenprinted shirts with illustrations of Leica M3s and transistor radios, not to mention the self-published book Toys on Roids featuring shots of classic and modern toys taken with a Polaroid SX-70. He was also co-founder of the Save Polaroid movement last year. But the body of work that we're most excited about is an extensive Flickr collection under the moniker Tubes. Keyboard keys, He-Man figurines, and Matchbox cars have never looked so beautiful.

Tubridy, who first got his hands on a Polaroid camera eight years ago, said he's enamored with "the immediacy, the tactile nature, the one of a kind aspect of them "¦ I like the idea of using a camera and film that was made for more casual purposes and using it for studio shots of these little toy sets I create. I could shoot with a digital camera and edit in Photoshop, but I love the challenge of getting the correct in camera and leaving the computer out of it."

Sound Advice Project

As much as they might want to, parents can’t keep their children at home all the time. Eventually, they grow up and start experiencing the world as adults — a state in which they’re likely to forget their ‘rents words of wisdom. That’s what the Sound Advice Project is allegedly for, to transform your mom reminding you not to take drugs or pick up some milk into a plastic bracelet. But like our friends at Gizmodo, we say that tangible sound waves make a nice anniversary gift. If you said, “Let’s do that freaky thing you like,” is anyone going to stop you? No. But on second thought, since this is a project from parents to their kids, the FBI might.

via Gizmodo

San Francisco Women's Film Festival

Crowdsourcing is coming to this year's San Francisco Women's Film Festival, the Bay Area’s annual celebration of recent contributions to documentary, LGBT, and dramatic film. Indie-Fest recently opened an online screening competition sponsored by the film forum and marketplace IndieFlix. While the festival begins on April 1, voting on five shorts is open until the end of the month, with the winner getting a screening at SFWFF. Characters in the shorts include a soldier going AWOL in the Iraqi desert, a child dressed as the Hindu god Ganesh, and exotic parrots (why not?). Scarlett Shepard, founder of the festival and the Bay Area-based Women's Film Institute, said that "between the festival, the Internet and audience engagement, this is a great platform for people around the globe to see great indie films made by women.”

Tara McPherson x Kidrobot Mini Series

Gig poster artist, painter, illustrator and musician Tara McPherson is finally getting a mini-figure series for the characters who inhabit her world. The Gamma Mutant Space Friends series includes 10 figures and 2 chases and will be blind"“boxed for $7.95 each. They’ll be dropping all over the place on April 23rd. But if you’re in the Chicago area, stop by Rotofugi on April 25th. Tara will be on hand to sign figures and copies of her new book, Lost Constellations.

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